What are the ingridients for hot ice?

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Hot Ice, Sodium Acetate, is made from vinegar and baking soda.
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What ingridients does rice have?

Answer . I dont understand what you mean by "ingredients" but I presume that you want to know the chemical composition of rice?

How do you make hot ice?

Get A pot then put water in the pot and wait until the water starts boiling then put sodium acetate in the water till no mare can dissolve then take the water and pour it into A cup wait about thirty minutes the take it out and touch it then there you go hot ice you can also sculpt the ice into shapes if you want to.

Can hot peppers melt ice?

No they cant, peppers are only "spicy" hot. The only way to melt ice is to get the temperature above 32 degrees. Spicyness is taste not temperature

Can hot sauce melt ice?

If its temperature is warmer yes it can. However if its chilly sauce at 0 degrees no

Why does ice melt faster in hot water?

ice melts faster in hot water because the hot water is transfering the separate particles in hot

What is instant hot ice?

Instant hot ice is a simple name for the chemical Sodium acetate.It can react with other chemicals to give out a lot of heat in ashort time. Its heating property makes it ideal for making heatpacks.

What is hot ice?

Hot ice is crystallized sodium acetate trihydrate. If normal sodium acetate dissolved in water crystallises it will generate heat(it's called an exothermic reaction), that's why it's called hot ice. So hot ice isn't real ice: water/H 2 O in it's solid state. It's crystallized sodium acetate dissolved in water Molecular formulas: Sodium Acetate: NaCH 3 COO Sodium Acetate trihydrate: NaCH 3 COO . 3H 2 O

How make hot ice?

To make hot ice you must put sodium acetate in a bowl, then add water. Now you are ready to put it in the micorwave for about 2 minutes. Ok now take it out and put it in the fridge for 4 to 5 minutes. Take it out touch it and you have hot ice. this idea may not work the first time so be prepared to try it again. You may see videos telling you to put water first, but by the time you have enough in, you will have no sodium acitate left. Good Luck! -R & K

What is a good research for hot ice?

if you think of solid water (ice) as just the solid form of liquid water then any solid is the "ice" of its liquid. with that said you could say a hot piece of pure iron (for example) is the hot ice of liquid iron.

What are the uses of hot ice?

Hot ice is used for hand warmers and heating pads they are also used High accuracy instrumentation for gases and vapors

Can hot ice kill you?

Hot ice (sodium acetate trihydrate) is as lethal as normal ice. You can eat some bites without getting really sick(but don't try to eat it, I'm not 100% sure). You can only get killed because it's... well... hot. But normal cold ice can also kill you because it's: (make a nice educated guess)... COLD

Why does instant hot ice turn into ice very quickly?

When Sodium Acetate is mixed with water, the water cannot freeze. When you put it in the freezer, the water stays in liquid form even when it's way below freezing point. However, if you touch the mixture later or do anything that disrupts the surface, it creates a little "seed," which is a little point where there is space for ice crystals to grow. Once the first crystals emerge, the ice spreads and since the mixture was in supercooling mode, the ice has enough low temperature to quickly freeze.

Why is dry ice so hot compared to normal ice?

\nDry ice isn't really hot, it just goes through a process known as sublimation. Think about water. If you hold an ice cube in your hand, what happens? It melts. Dry ice turns from a solid directly into a vapor, because it's not water ice; it's carbon dioxide ice. This process of sublimation requires more heat than simply melting. Heat (not cold) travels from your hand to the ice, making it warmer, but your hand colder. \n. \nTemperatures aren't absolute; they're measured by comparison. That's why if you're outside on a cold day, eventually, you won't notice the cold because you've acclimated to the temperature. It's the same thing when you hold an ice cube.

What happens when you put ice in hot water?

The ice will crack and then melt as the energy from the hot water transfers to the molecules of the icecube, causing them to start moving faster and become liquid water.

Why ice is hot?

Normal H 2 O(water) ice can't be hot. If the temperature get's above 0 C it will become liquid. Only under extremely high pressure ice will remain in it's solid state at higher temperature. But you can make hot ice by dissolving a special powder called sodiumacetate(can be bought easilly and cheap online) in water. And then touch it with your finger. But then its not 'real' ice, the official name is sodium acetate trihydrate. If you go to YouTube and search for 'sodium acetate', you'll get the coolest videos.

Why does hot air melt ice?

\nBecause the heat transered causes the particles in Ice to move faster, untilthey take on the properties of water. Hot air gives off heat, so it causes the particles to speed up.

Wikipedia is ice hot or cold?

Ice is neither hot or cold. Technically, nothing is cold. Everythin is based on energy. The more energy something has, the more "heat" it puts off. Ice feels cold against our skin because it has less energy than we do.

How hot does it have to be for ice to turn into water?

32 degrees Fahrenheit, or 0 degrees Celsius, is the melting pointof water at 1 atm.

What are the ingridients of gin?

Water, ethyl alcohol, juniper berry flavor, and a mixture of other natural flavoring ingredients. The exact recipes are proprietary secrets.

Is ice hot?

Ice is cold, in the form of water put in a freezer. But some special reactions, such as Instant Ice, emit heat as the supercooling reaction releases energy.

What is hot ice used for?

it is used for hand warmers and heat pads people also use it for a science project.

Is hot ice harmful to eat?

No it isn't. It is simply a salt and water mixture. It will taste quite bad but is not harmful to your health.

Is hot ice really ice?

Normal cold ice is water in its solid form. Hot ice water is water WITH sodiumacetate disolved in it. (official name: sodium ethanoate, Na + CH 3 COO - ) If you touch it, you will trigger a exothermic reaction, that means it creates heat. That's why it's called cold hot ice. So hot ice actually isn't real ice.

What will melt faster ice or hot ice?

Ice ice is just frozen water. Hot ice is sodium acetate. Ice will melt faster than hot ice.

Why is dry ice compaerd to hot ice?

Only one of those is actually ice. Dry ice is frozen CO2 or carbon dioxide. Hot "ice" is only called hot ice because it is the product of an exothermic reaction (releasing heat) and because it looks like ice. Hot ice occurs when a super saturated solution of sodium acetate try-hydrate is cooled and then reintroduced to a sodium acetate crystal.

What are the ingridients in cola?

the ingredients in coca-cola (COKE) are poo,wee, dead rats, wasp and bee blood, sugar, food acid, and baking powder

How does dry ice react with hot water?

when you put dry ice in hot water fog is created because of the c20 chemicals it has

How is hot ice made?

If you're thinking along the lines of artificial heating or heating pads/hot ice; Sodium acetate trihydrate crystals melt are melted at around 58 °C, dissolving in their crystallization water. When they are heated to around 100 °C, and subsequently allowed to cool, the aqueous solution becomes supersaturated. This solution is capable of supercooling to room temperature without forming crystals. By clicking on a metal disc in the heating pad or whatever container this solution is contained in, a nucleation center is formed which causes the solution to crystallize into solid sodium acetate trihydrate again. The bond-forming process of crystallization is exothermic, hence strong heat is emitted (which can be very dangerous if exposed to skin and cause second degree burns). Hope that helps. Make sure to recommend. Cheers :) Joey, MIT undergrad

How hot does ice melt at?

The traditional melting point of ice is 1 degree C, but anyhting above 1C should do the trick.

Can you eat hot ice?

I wouldn't recommend you to eat hot ice that contains sodium acetate even though it wont do much to your health the chance for it to damage your health it slight. By the way it would taste really bad.

Why do people need hot ice?

The hot ice as in an hot-pack is used to store heat that won't be lost when it's in an cold enviroment. The particle that causes the ice to be hot(Sodium acetate: NaCH 3 COO) is also used in food as an preservative and an acidity(pH) regulator.

Is ice water is hot or not?

Ice water is not hot: it's temperature has an effect on the nerves in your skin that gives a similar sensation as burning.

What do you use to make hot ice?

solution 1=sodium acetate and water. (professional) better solution 2= baking soda and white vinegar. (homemade) not that bad

What are facts about hot ice?

The term "hot ice" would normally be interpreted idiomatically to mean stolen diamonds. If you mean, literally, frozen water at a high temperature, that doesn't happen. When ice is heated, it melts.

What would be a hypothesis for hot ice?

a hypothesis for hot ice would depend on the ingredients you use and the temperature my example would be..... " i boil 1L vinegar and add 4 tsp on baking soda for 30 minutes until a crust forms and then i cool it in the fridge for 40 minutes. then when i touch it it instantly turn into ice".... u could also do the experiment where u use sodium acetate or the one where you use hand warmers.

Why do hot water make ice me lt?

Hot water has much heat to transfer to the ice, cooling itself down and melting the ice. Temperature difference is the driving force of this, heat always going from high to lower temperature. When both (remaining) water and (remaining) ice reach the same temperature heat exchange will stop.

What are the written observation of hot ice experiment?

observations i have seen are that us the solution is boiling it looses its volume and a crust forms also when it freezes you can see that it spreads out slowly

What is the difference between dry ice and hot ice?

Both dry ice and ice have cold temperatures and are commonly used for freezing and cooling. Ice forms at 32°F while dry ice forms at minus 109.3°F. Water ice is created when water is exposed to very low temperatures while dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. Their main difference however lies in the fact that regular water ice melts into liquid while dry ice sublimates directly from solid to gas. Check link below for more information on dry ice and dry ice makers.

Is dry ice hot or cold?

It is so cold that it can burn the skin. It can be fun to playwith, but ONLY if you wear protection like gloves. I always useoven mitts when handling dry ice.

Why isn't ice cream hot?

If ice cream was hot then it would be a nasty mess of different flavors of milk because ice cream is made out of milk.

Is hot ice sublimation?

No, the process of hot ice is crystallization. In this process dissolved sodium acetate becomes solid. In sublimation a solid goes directly into the gas states, skipping liquid.

Is hot ice the same thng as dry ice?

No, dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. Hot ice is sodium acetate crystallized from a supersaturated solution.

Is hot ice cold or hot?

If you mean a product like Icy Hot for sore muscles, two chemicals react in the wrap to produce warmth or heat.

What is healthier ice cream or hot chocolate?

In my opinion hot chocolate is healthier because it doesn`t have prezervatives and you cant get a sore throat from hot chocolate. Hope my answer was useful.

Can hot ice cool water?

I don't think that is possible. How can "hot" make "cool" water "cold"? (also, 'hot ice' is boiling water)

Why does a hot can implode when put in ice water?

If you boil water in a pop can, the air is replaced by steam. If you put the can, inverted, into ice water the steam condenses. Steam occupies approximately 700 times as much volume as water. That decrease in volume creates a vacuum within the can. Water from the bowl of ice water cannot enter the can fast enough to equalize the pressure because the opening is too small to allow efficient flow so, the atmospheric pressure crushes the can. The same thing happens, occasionally, when tank trucks are steam cleaned and the man holes are closed before the steam cools. As you might imagine, that is much more spectacular.

Why isn't hot ice real ice?

Ice is simply water in solid form. Hot ice is the result of thecrystallization of sodium acetate from a supersaturated solution.

Why do ice cream melt on a hot day?

In melting, ice cream is just behaving like any other bit of frozen, icy matter, suddenly exposed to warm air. Matter changes its state, depending on temperature and pressure. Liquid water boils into a gas (water vapor), freezes into a solid (ice), and melts back into a liquid if left out of the fridge.

How does one make hot ice from scratch?

You will need to start by acquiring some sodium acetate trihydrate (order online or take from an "instant" warming pad). Place about 1 cup into a pan and add just enough water to dissolve it (don't add too much). Heat this mixture almost to the point of boiling. Stir constantly and keep adding sodium acetate until no more will dissolve. Pour the liquid into a glass (don't let any undissolved sodium acetate get into the glass). Place the glass in a freezer for 30-60 minutes. Poke the liquid with a small amount of solid sodium acetate on the end of a toothpick. If you hold your hands near the "ice" you will feel heat radiating.

How hot can ice-cream get with out melting?

Ice cream cannot get "hot" at all before melting. It will begin to melt as soon as it is removed from refrigeration.