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Hot Ice, Sodium Acetate, is made from vinegar and baking soda.
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What is hot ice?

Hot ice is crystallized sodium acetate trihydrate. If normal sodium acetate dissolved in water crystallises it will generate heat(it's called an exothermic reaction), that's w

Why ice is hot?

Normal H2O(water) ice can't be hot. If the temperature get's above 0 C it will become liquid. Only under extremely high pressure ice will remain in it's solid state at higher

Is ice hot?

Ice is cold, in the form of water put in a freezer. But some special reactions, such as Instant Ice, emit heat as the supercooling reaction releases energy.

Is hot ice really ice?

Normal cold ice is water in its solid form. Hot ice water is water WITH sodiumacetate disolved in it. (official name: sodium ethanoate, Na+CH3COO-) If you touch it, you wil

Why is dry ice compaerd to hot ice?

Only one of those is actually ice. Dry ice is frozen CO2 or carbon dioxide. Hot "ice" is only called hot ice because it is the product of an exothermic reaction (releasing hea

Is hot ice cold or hot?

If you mean a product like Icy Hot for sore muscles, two chemicals react in the wrap to produce warmth or heat.