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What are the key roles of an investment banker?

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He is like a crazy drunk money bitten by a red ant and chased by a swarm of bees....
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What publications do investment bankers read?

There are multiple periodicals and academic journals that are  referenced by banking and finance professionals. These include  Business Insider, The Wall Street Journals, Th

Average salary for an investment banker?

For a first-year analyst, the most junior position, $80k-$120k (including bonus). It rises significantly year on year; and a good MD, the most senior 'normal' position, might

Why is it important to have investment bankers?

They help companies get the best deal for mergers & acquisitions, buyouts, IPOs, debt issuances etc. On a wider scale, they help capital reach those who need from those who ha

What do investment bankers do exactly?

An Investment Bank is a financial institution that deals with raising capital, trading in securities, and managing corporate mergers and acquisitions. An Investment Banker de

How much do Investment Bankers make a year?

Bulge Bracket (JP Morgan, Goldman, Morgan Stanley, etc.) Non-Officers: Analyst 1: $150,000 Analyst 2: $200,000 Analyst 3: $250,000 Associate 1: $300,000 Associate 2:

How do you become an investment banker?

Today, practically every young MBA student or aspirant wants to  be an investment banker. A blue shirt, sleeves rolled up, a phone  over each ear, dashing from one city to a

What type of degree do investment bankers need?

  No specific degree is required. A look at the degrees of Investment Banking Graduates (UK & USA) 2007/8 shows that the intake spread significantly from Architecture - Zo

What GCSE's do you need to be an investment banker?

  You dont need any specific ones. But you need a good degree. In maths, physics, finance etc. And to get a good degree you need good a-levels, like Maths, Physics, Englis

Do investment bankers get vacations often?

The short answer: no. The long answer: they are theoretically entitled to reasonable vacation, but it is considered a sign of weakness to use all your vacation time, and you w

What is the importance of investment banker?

The importance of an investment banker is actually the importance of what they do. They hold importance because of the services they provide to the economy and government. The

Why do investment bankers buy the stocks?

to sell at a higher profit to their clients....? They can be buying to collect on dividends, lower cost basis of stock they already own, diversify their portfolios, speculati
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What is salary if you become a investment banker in Mumbai?

US bulge bracket banks like Citi, MS, JPM pay the same across regions.. so in Mumbai, a 2nd year analyst (thats what normally IIM grads get into) will earn smthgn like INR 40

What do investment bankers do?

  investment bankers profit from companies and governments by raising money through issuing and selling securities in the capital markets(both equity and bonds) An investm

How much does an investment banker earn in Dubai?

This depends in which field of investment banking the lowest is an analyst averages about 25,000 the highest is the Managing Division or Head Division Manager 92,000 but under