What are the laws on a brother and sister sharing a room?

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There are no US laws prohibiting brothers and sisters from sharing a room.
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Can a brother and sister share a room?

It should depend on the parents financial situation, with the economy today not everyone has the luxury of each having there own rooms, they're grateful to have a roof over th

Can brothers and sisters share rooms?

It is illegal in some States for families receiving public assistance, and in some for children above a certain age. Check with you local Family Services for laws in your area

What is the age by law can brother and sister not share a bedroom?

There is no single age by law after which brother and sister are forbidden to share a bedroom. In some parts of the world, brother and sister, father and mother share the same
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Can brothers and sisters share a room?

There are certain states such as Florida and California that don't allow a brother and sister to share a bedroom after age five. The reason for this is at WWW.Floridalaws.com