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What are the legal rights of children to stay with step parents vs bio parents?

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Do step parents have rights to step children?

Answer . Unfortunately they don't, even when you are married. If the other parent has died, then you can apply to be guardian of the children, where you would then get righ

Why is a step parent a legal guardian?

A stepparent is not considered a legal guardian. In some cases they should be and can be granted legal guardianship by the courts, but they are not automatically a legal anyth

Is it legal for step parents to ground you?

Yes. Whether parent or step-parent, they can ground you and it is not illegal. If you feel there is an injustice, talk about it calmly and make a good case for why it is unfai

Does a parent lose rights to their children if a legal guardian is appointed?

Yes. The parent loses any right to make decisions for the child orto administer any property belonging to the child. They may alsolose physical custody. The parent can request

If your parent dies which was remarried does the biological children have any rights over the step parent or step children in regards to his belongings?

It depends if there was a will or not. Step-children have no rights to the estate of a step-parent unless specifically named in the will. If there was no will, the estate is t

Are you still a parent if you have no legal rights to your children?

A parent is the biological or legally adoptive mother or father. If you have lost custody of your child you are still the child's parent in that sense. If you have allowed you

Does a step parent have the legal right to refuse visitation if under false allegations from step children?

I assume it's not the step parent that is granted visitation. This is something the step parent and spouse have to work out since it's the spouse who has asked for visitation

What are the effects of step parents to children?

it really depends on what the step parent is like. my father was horrible and my half brother and sister had to grow up with him shouting at them all the time. our mum broke u