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Accept custody of your children. Someone has to support them, and I'd prefer that it be you instead of the taxpayer.
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What is the punishment for not paying child support when it is legally ordered to paid?

At the request of the custodial parent or to recover assistance provided, the State may take various actions to collect past-due support, including garnishing wages, intercept

Do you have to pay child support if the child has a child?

Yes, if the child, who is now a parent, a minor you do owe childsupport. The fact that they are a parent doesn't allow you not topay for your child's support. Also: if the ch

Can a legally married man have to pay child support?

If you are married to the mother, no. Then you share everything naturally. But if you have a child and you are separated or not married to the mother, and you do not have cust

Can you report someone for not filing taxes to avoid paying back child support?

This is from the IRS website: If you suspect or know of an individual or company that is not complying with the tax laws, you may report this activity by completing Form 394

Does a parent with joint physical custody and joint legal custody have to pay child support?

It depends on a number of different factors. How often do you have the children vs the other parent? What is your income vs the other parent? etc. Child support is supposed to

Can you volunteer to pay child support?

Yes, however it should still be done through the courts as anything paid without it is considered a gift. Depending on the state, the mother can wait up to 23 yeas to file aga

Can a father give up parental rights to avoid paying child support?

No, that won't work. Even if you give up your parental rights you still have to pay child support. If the child is left for adoption or in foster home you also still pay, unti

What rights does a father have in Pennsylvania to a child of legal age that he pays child support for and the child is in the 11th grade of high school?

  Answer     It depends on what you are after. What rights are you looking for?   Answer     Probably few if any, the legal age of majority in Pennsy

Can a married man who fathered a child outside of his marriage give up his parental rights to avoid paying child support?

A termination of parental rights petition can be filed in the appropriate state court where the child lives. Whether the petition will be granted depends upon the presiding j

If you are legally married to an absentee spouse but have a child by another man and paternity has been established is the father of the child obligated to pay child support?

Parents of minor children are legally required to support said child/children regardless of the circumstances surrounding the matter.. The biological father of the child in q

Can you pay child support to your child?

With some exceptions, child support is not paid directly to the child because it is not "the child's money" - it is compensation to the custodial parent because they are rais
In Custody

Is there any way to prove that your spouse fights custody to avoid child support?

Sure, get a good lawyer to prove this point. If he only wants custody of your child when he's served with child support papers, this would be a red flag for a judge. Tell the