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What are the legal ways to avoid paying child support?

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Accept custody of your children. Someone has to support them, and I'd prefer that it be you instead of the taxpayer.
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Is it legal to pay child support to two states?

Answer . \nMaybe, obviously if the order(s) pertains to two or more children residing in different jurisdictions then it's legal. The other reason might be that the child s

How do you avoid paying child support?

You're asking for advice on how not to support your children. The very best way is to practice birth control so there won't be any to support. Otherwise be prepared for payi

When a child turns legal how can you stop pay child support?

Get a court order terminating support as of a specific date, with a finding as to the amount of arrearage, or that there is no arrearage. Then send certified copeis to the chi

How do you avoid paying child support in Pennsyvanna?

You avoid it by not having children. If you have a child you are legally responsible for financially providing for the child, unless the child has been adopted (in which case

What are the different ways of paying child support?

With the agreement of both parents and the court, child support may be paid directly by the NCP to the CP. However, the more common method by far is payment by wage deduction

How can you legally stop paying child support?

One way is if the child is adopted by someone else who is willing to become responsible for supporting the child. Otherwise you need to petition the court to modify or termina

Can you hide in Texas to avoid paying child support in Kansas?

No. State child support enforcement agencies have mandatory reciprocal agreements within a national network. The federal government is very serious about deadbeat parents who
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Does mother pay child support if child is with legal gardian?

Yes, the guardian can request a child support order depending on the circumstances. Yes, the guardian can request a child support order depending on the circumstances. Yes,