What are the lucky colors gems and numbers for Gemini?

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Colours: Light green, Orange, Yellow
Gems: Agate, Amber, Aventurine, Citrine, Tourmaline.
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What are lucky things like colors numbers days for a Pisces?

what are the lucky numbers and days for a picean that was born march 18, 1955.. Since your gemstone is an Amethyst, I guess your lucky colour should be blue. As regards number and days . . difficult. Perhaps it might be better to consider what is luck - overall. And recent research has tended to po (MORE)

What gem stone can be worn by a Gemini?

Those born under the zodiac sign Gemini can wear any of: Agate, Amber, Aventurine, Citrine, Tourmaline. Those born in May might prefer to wear: Emerald or Chrysopras whereas those born in June might prefer: Pearl, Moonstone or Alexandri

Lucky color of Pisces?

The lucky colours of the zodiac signs are like a colour wheel. Here is a list of the zodiac signs and their colours. . Aries- Red . Taurus- Vermillion (red-orange) . Gemini- Orange . Cancer- Marigold (orange-yellow) . Leo- Yellow . Virgo- Chartreuse (yellow-green) . Libra- Green . Scorpio (MORE)

What is the lucky color for 2009?

Lucky color for 2009 according to feng shui is yellow. For the year 2009, the 5 yellow occupies the North sector of any building corresponding from 337.5° to 22.5°. Avoid anything that is red in color or open burning flame in this sector because fire will strengthen the earth energy of 5 ye (MORE)

What are the lucky colors gems and numbers for Scorpio?

This might help... . Duality: Feminine . Element: Water . Quality: Fixed . Primary Trait: Idealistic . Ruling Planet: Pluto . Polarity: Taurus . Lucky Day: Tuesday . Lucky Numbers: 2 and 4 . Lucky Dates: 9th, 18th and 27th . Birthstone: Topaz . Colour: Crimson . Flowers: Chrysanthemum an (MORE)

What is the lucky color of Gemini?

I'm a Gemini and wondered the same thing a long time ago it really depends on your personality but i can tell you don't wear black, blue, or red on Monday or Wednesday! bad thing will most definitely occur! it aways does best of luck!

How many colors do gems come in?

Here are some examples:\n. \nDiamond: Clear, or slightly white,brown, or grey.\nRuby: Crimson or red\nSapphire:Dark blue normally, or all other colors except red.\nEmerald:Light-deep green\nTopaz:Normally yellow, but can be blue, green, and rarely red.\nGarnet:all colors\nLapis Lazuli:Deep blue\nTi (MORE)

What is the lucky color day number and gemstone for Pisces?

Pisces Dates: Feb 19 - Mar 20 Element: Mutable Water Ruling Planet: Neptune Symbol: Fishes Amerind earth magic equivalent: Wolf Season: Winter Metal:Tin Colours: Aquamarine, Mauve, Purple, Violet Gemstones: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Beryl, Jade, Pearl, Sugilite, White opal, Body part (MORE)

Lucky color for 2010?

Try your luck in 2010 with charms and colors . By Zyann Ambrosio, ABS-CBN News | 12/28/2009 11:57 PM Printer-friendly version | Send to friend | Share your views . MANILA, Philippines - What are the lucky colors for the year 2010 or the year of the metal tiger? According to a feng shui consult (MORE)

What is the lucky colors for 2010?

ANSWER: 2010 - tiger in a 'metal' year. So color of the year is silver. For good luck in New year on New-Year night you should wear more silver. Best shape for 2010 is round shape...

What gem is color green?

Emerald/Peridot are the true green natural gemstones. The Emerald cut has 58 facets (25 crown, 8 girdle and 25 pavilion). The most common and usually most valuable green stone is the Columbian Emerald which is usually ground/polished to the emerald style cut. The crystal structure of a true Col (MORE)

What color is Taylor Swift's lucky number?

Usually it is blue. She writes it on her hand a lot. Sometimes it's blue but her real favorite color is white of you don't believe me check out the book Taylor Swift Her Song By Riley Brooks. Oh and a lot of her dresses are white too.

What is China's lucky colors?

Red Back in ancient times Chinese ancestors started to manufacture porcelain, and the color of porcelain is all red which they called "red pottery." Of course, the reason is that the soil is red, but that time people wers not clear thinking that is God-given color, so red entered Chinese peoples' l (MORE)

What is the lucky color for 2011?

2011 -The Year of the Rabbit beginning from February 3 Colour Purple/Jade Jade is Purified and Honest , Purple is Romantic and Renown , Rooster olive green white

Why are gems different colors?

Because they absorb different wavelengths of light. Ultimately it has to do with the electronic structure of the material. Many gems incorporate small amounts of transition metal ions, which tend to be highly colored. For example, rubies and sapphires are both composed primarily of corundum (a par (MORE)

What is the lucky color to wear when you gamble?

I have had the most luck and have won the largest jackpots when wearing red or combination of black and red. It probably does not really have anything to do with luck, but I wonder. They say that black dissolves negative energy or blocks it from effecting you and red is the color of winners. In (MORE)

What is a lucky color in Taiwan?

red. because people in Taiwan believe the colour would bring prosperity for themselves. you can see many red stuff during Chinese new year

Why is the color green lucky?

It is part of superstition that four-leaf clovers are lucky, and four-leaf clovers are green, thus the theme of luck is green.

Where do gems get their color?

they don't have colors. they are microscopic, so when you see them, they have to be seen in a microscope. in order for that, there must be dye put in, so you can see them. Answer: Gems, like glass, are made up of chemocals that absorb or reflect light's colours. Red glass for example has a small (MORE)

When is a lucky day for Geminis to go gambling?

during you season when the stars line up a season is three months do the research on your self one of the months for sure is june one week and a half before and one week and a half after your b-day happy hunting on the rest and good luck during the mazzaroth

How do you find your lucky color?

Add your birthday up until you get a single digit and then find thecolors assosiated with that number. EXAMPLE: Born: Feb. 6, 1986 02+06+1+9+8+6=32 32= 3+2= 5 So then you would find the color that is also a five. Here are the colors for each number: Primary Colors: . red . orange . yellow . g (MORE)

What does the Gemini sign mean and the color or birthstone?

Gemini people are highly intellectual in nature. Geminians behave as per the charactersticts of their sign. Gemini people are funny and attractive. Yellow is the lucky colours for Gemini and Turquoise and Emerald are the lucky gemstone for Gemini .

What are lucky colors in japan?

Japan doesn't really have lucky colors they have a meaning or representation for each color!!!!!!!!!!! yellow means Courage White means carnation symbolizes death

What are lucky signs for Gemini?

Lucky as in compatible? Then yes I can answer that! They are most compatible with Libra and Aquarius. Generally Gemini's can't stand Virgo or Pisces.

What movie and television projects has Gemini Gem been in?

Gemini Gem has: Performed in "Lesbian BBBW 11" in 2009. Performed in "Cumswapping Headliners 17" in 2010. Performed in "Runnin a Train on Big Mama 2" in 2010. Performed in "BBW Slumber Party 2" in 2010. Performed in "Meaty Mamas 2" in 2011.