What are the main habitats of the main dolphin?

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they go sleep, they eat all day and play.
some might look for other people to eat.
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What is the main cause of habitat destruction?

The activity of humans is the primary cause of habitat destruction. Farming and logging are two of the activities that cause the most damage, urbanization is another problem.

What is the main habitat for arachnids?

There are so many:. borrows(trapdoor spider). dry areas(wolf spider). wet areas(tarantula). trees(grey jumping spider). leaves,undergrowth,fruit,vegitables,flowers(cabbag

What was the main habitat of polar bear?

The polar bear is found in the Arctic Circle and the nearby islands. They can be found in good numbers in Alaska, Norway, Denmark, Russia and Canada. There are smaller populat

What is the main habitat for tigers?

No such thing. In South and South-East Asia, tigers inhabit tall riverine grasslands, forest and grassland mosaics, and all types of tropical and subtropical forests (dry deci

What are weasels main habitats?

weasels live in marshes, woodsy places, farmlands, and places where they can find a lot of food to keep them fed! OK, case closed next!