What are the main occupations in haryana?

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Most of the population of Haryana is depend upon Farming, So Main Occupation of people of Haryana is Farming.
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What are the main occupations of the people in Thailand?

Answer . Agricultural jobs. . Answer . Not really sure what level of detail you need but according to the Bank of Thailand [2006] they listed the following figures (based on a labour force of 35.36 million) [Unemployment runs at just over 0.5 million]: . Sector GDP by Sector (%) Labour force by occupation (%) . Agriculture. 8.9 38.9 . Manufacturing. 39.3 15.1 . Wholesale and Retail Trade. 13.7 15.1 . Other services * . 38.1 28.8 . Other services include financial sector, education, hotels and restaurants, etc. Rice is the country's most important crop; Other agricultural commodities produced in significant amounts include fish and fishery products, tapioca, rubber, corn, and sugar. Exports of processed foods such as canned tuna, pineapples, and frozen shrimp are on the rise. . Thailand's increasingly diversified manufacturing sector has seen rapid increases in production of computers and electronics, furniture, wood products, canned food, toys, plastic products, gems, and jewelry. High-technology products such as integrated circuits and parts, electrical appliances, vehicles, and vehicle parts are now leading Thailand's strong growth in exports.. Tourism contributes significantly to the Thai economy (making up 6%), though it declined in 2005 due to the tsunami catastrophe, it has recovered strongly in 2006.. Hope this is of help.

What was the main industry and occupation in ancient palestine?

In ancient Palestine, there were three main groups of occupations and people.. Firstly, the nomads and the shepards. As shown in the Old testement, all of the Jewish people were wanders and nomads; finding grazing land where ever they could for their cattle.. Secondly, there was the fishermen. You can see from the New Testement gospels that a lot of the men in Galilee and on the coast were fishermen. Just look at the disciples, Peter, James and John were all called from their fishing boat.. Lastly, you have the farmers and the crafts people. It was common to make pottery and jewlerry and sell it at a market. You would also sell the fruit, vegetables and pulses that you had grown that season.. Hope this helps!. In ancient Palestine, there were three main groups of occupations and people.. Firstly, the nomads and the shepards. As shown in the Old testement, all of the Jewish people were wanders and nomads; finding grazing land where ever they could for their cattle.. Secondly, there was the fishermen. You can see from the New Testement gospels that a lot of the men in Galilee and on the coast were fishermen. Just look at the disciples, Peter, James and John were all called from their fishing boat.. Lastly, you have the farmers and the crafts people. It was common to make pottery and jewlerry and sell it at a market. You would also sell the fruit, vegetables and pulses that you had grown that season.. Hope this helps!

Main occupation of maharashtra?

Maharashtra is an industrialized state of India. Agriculture is themain occupation (64% of the population), with main crops beingrice, jowar, bajra, wheat, pulses, turmeric, onions, cotton,sugarcane, and many oil seeds (including groundnut, sunflower andsoyabean).

What is the main occupation of people in udupi?

The main occupation of the people of udupi is farming or hotel business. However many have left their homelands in search of better employment and are now well placed everywhere in the world, in hotel business and other enterprises as by and large people of dakshin kannada are an enterprising lot. Nowadays many job opportunities are there in udupi as well. Infosys etc. have set up their branches in nearby mangalore so youths have a nice option of employment there too. The large no. of engineering colleges which have come up here in udupi is also facilitating the education demands of the public and making them able to get the best of education without venturing out of udupi.

What are the main 5 occupations in Mexico?

The 5 occupations of Mexico from foreign powers were during: The Pastry War: November 27, 1838 - March 9, 1839 (France). The Mexican-American War: April 25, 1846 - February 2, 1848 (United States). The Second French Intervention: 8 December 1861 - 21 June 1867 (France). The Tampico Affair: April 9, 1914 (United States). The occupation of Veracruz: April 21, 1914 (United States).

What are the main occupations in Switzerland?

The majority of occupations in Switzerland are in the secondary and tertiary sectors (production and service sectors). Only 3.7% of the population now work in agriculture, compared to 72% in the tertiary (service) sector. The main areas of employment are retail/trade, health and education systems as well as banking and insurance. The secondary (manufacturing) sector is mainly made up of machine industry and food industry (with companies such as ABB and Nestle).

Where is haryana?

Haryana is a state in north India, bordered by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to the north, and Rajasthan to the west and south.

What are the main occupations in Mali?

Mali's occupation was eating, sleeping, and making mysterious clothing. They always ate malate' rice, and cajun chicken. They slept for hours befor making their mysterious clothes. That was Mali's occupation!

What were the main features of Jesus' occupation?

Jesus was the incarnate God in the Age of Grace. He had thesubstance what God has and is. His work was different from the workof man. People are working to support their family, but Jesus isworking to redeem man who lived in sin. God's word testifies God'swork:" In His life, He often saw fishermen casting nets. TheLord Jesus saw all such activities related to mankind's life, andat the same time He was also experiencing such a life. Like everynormal person, He had three meals a day and worked and resteddaily. He was personally experiencing a common person's life andalso seeing other people's life. When He personally saw andexperienced all these, what He thought about was not how to live agood life or how He Himself lived an easier and more comfortablelife. Rather, when He experienced the real life of mankind, He sawthe bitterness of mankind's living and saw the miserableness,poorness, and pitifulness of the mankind corrupted by Satan livingunder Satan's domain and living in sin. When He personallyexperienced the life of mankind, He also felt how helpless themankind was who lived in corruption and also felt and saw themiserable condition of the mankind who lived in sin being torturedby Satan and by sin to the extent of not knowing where to go. Whenthe Lord Jesus saw these, did His divinity or His humanity seethem? The Lord Jesus' humanity existed and was living. He couldfeel and also see all these. Of course, His substance, Hisdivinity, also saw them, that is, Christ Himself-the person of theLord Jesus-saw them. All these He saw made Him feel the importanceand necessity of the work He undertook when incarnated this time.Although He Himself knew how heavy the responsibility He would bearwas when incarnated this time and how cruel the suffering He wouldface was, nevertheless when He saw that mankind was helpless insin, and when He saw that mankind lived pitifully under the law andstruggled powerlessly, He became more and more grieved in His heartand became more and more eager to save mankind from sin. No matterwhat difficult situations He would encounter, and no matter whatsuffering He would undergo, His heart became more and moredetermined to redeem man who lived in sin. During this course, itcould be said that the Lord Jesus knew more and more clearly whatwork He should do and what commission He should undertake;moreover, He became more and more eager to accomplish the work Hewould undertake-bearing all the sins of man and atoning formankind's sins so that mankind would no longer live in sins, andmeanwhile God would no longer remember man's sins because of thesin offering and thus go on with the next stage of the work ofsaving mankind. It could be said that in His heart the Lord Jesuswas willing to offer up and sacrifice Himself for mankind andwilling to be crucified as a sin offering, and He was eager toaccomplish this work. So much so that when He saw the miserablecondition of mankind's life, He even more wanted to accomplish Hiscommission soon without an instant's delay. When He had such aneager mind, He did not consider how greatly He would suffer, nordid He care how much humiliation He would endure. He just had oneconviction in His heart: As long as He offered Himself up, as longas He was nailed onto the cross as a sin offering, God's will wouldbe carried out and God could start a new work, and mankind's lifein sin and mankind's state of living in sin would be completelychanged. His conviction and the thing He was determined to do bothhad to do with saving mankind. He only had one purpose: to carryout God's will so that God could carry out the next stage of Hiswork smoothly. This was the Lord Jesus' mind at thattime. "(from A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh)

What is the main occupation of Africa?

Africa is region bless with different mineral's on that, they enged on trading before the colonial master arrival since they cannot offer administration service.late 80s when the colonial master arrived, they introduced western education which has flow wide in Africa today. Today Africa has different occupation. viticulture :this occupation is carryout in northcentral of western part of Africa(Nigeria),in perspective. That region support fruit growth such as, grape, tomatoes, okra,orange,e.t.c. lumbring: lumbring occupation play a vital role on holding up the economy bounce down in southern part of west Africa(ivory coast). these region is located at the rainforest zone. cause the region to have continuous rain fall and tall tree with massive root base. lumbring is said to be act of cuting of economic tree for building,furniture,e.t.c.But in ivorycoast is use for building of canoe and craftwork

What was the main occupation in ancient Egypt?

Most people in Ancient Egypt were farmers, labourers, workmen, craftsmen, and peasants. A majority of the population of Egypt worked in agriculture and production (the primary and secondary setor). These people were quite poor and lived in small houses.

What is the main occupation of people in Wales?

There is no single main occupation, but these days, most people in Wales work in retail, the service sector (i.e. banking, insurance, mains services, local Government etc.), agriculture, and manufacturing, especially in high-tech industries such as computer manufacture, specialist electronic components, aerospace and so on. There also remains some heavy industry in the South West, including a huge steelworks at Port Talbot in Galmorgan, opencast mining, and oil refineries in South Pembrokeshire. Tourism employs a minority of people, but it is not a central part of the Welsh economy.

What is main occupation of people in Europe?

In Europe,agriculture is the main occupation.Due to the colonizers it has not only become a major, important and necessary occupation but it is also an occupation which feeds the whole particular nation.understanding the importance of such a life supporting occupation, it has been declared in Europe that as this is the occupation on which are lives are fully dependent on, it will be from today that Europe will have Agriculture as its most important and major Occupation.From that period till today whatever has been said by the colonizers is being followed truly.The Europeans realized that following what they say would be better as they found that doing it would be profitable for them as well as for the government.In this way, agriculture came to be the most important, necessary and life supporting occupation.Observing this, other countries followed their policy of making agriculture the major occupation of that specific country. Even India had followed this policy on the basis that it would be profitable for the government as well as for the people living in its region.

What is the main occupation of the mongols?

When the Mongols ruled much of Asia a long time ago, their main occupation was herding and raiding. They were just hordes of common farmers on horse back that were expert warriors. -CMoorzy

What are the main occupations of the Mesopotamians?

The main occupation was agriculture. The Euphrates and Tigris rivers were the main source of water supply. Flooding was irregular. sothey built an elaborate and highly developed irrigation system to ensure a steady supply of water throughout the year. They also built dykes to control floods. They domesticated animals such as the cow, goat, sheep and, donkey. Settlements grew in towns and specialized skills such as pottery, weaving, and metal work ( jewellery, armors, and statues) began to develop.

What is the main occupation in jaipur?

in my opinion, perhaps medicine is nowadays one of the majoroccupations in this city. most of the young and talented youth areup to giving medical examinations. and then, these students turnout to be well- trained doctors, treating their patients in anexceptional way.

What are the main occupation in papua new guinea?

Due to lack of jobs in Papua New Guinea, many citizens living in the nation's capital; Port Moresby, make a living by selling in market stalls. These stalls are usually anywhere popular to in front of homes; products range from Betelnut and cigarettes to cheap Asian products.

What is the main occupation of aryans?

Agriculture was the main occupation for the ARYANS. Agriculture products were rice, wheat, cotton, oil seeds. Besides they were engage at weaving, tanning, metallurgy. Artisans were engage at carpentering, pottery, and ETC.......

What is the main occupation of delhi?

delhi is one of the most versatile states of india.but many or you can say most of the people are into government jobs in delhi.government jobs like engineers,doctors,social workers etc. are most preferred here .

What were the main occupations of these people living in the cave art?

If I understand your question aright, those people probably followed a largely nomadic tribal life. They didn't have occupations as such but various tribes-people were quite likely individually adept at flint-knapping, hunting and butchering, etc., so it's not too fanciful to suggest they may have used a degree of exchange.

What is the main occupation of Yerukula tribe in Andhra pradesh?

In the modern day it could be anything from farming to InformationTechnology. In olden days(last century) as a nomadic tribe theyused to trade salt , grain etc. from east coast to interors. Someof them weaved baskets, fortune telling etc..Historically they werea hunter-gatherer tribe. Historians also say Kakatiyas and fewother central and south indian ruling dynasties had their originsin this community.

What were the main occupations in first century Israel?

A: There was no nation of Israel in the first century, Israel having been destroyed by the Assyrians in 722 BCE. In Judea and Galilee, the most common occupations were associated with farming. Jews had traditionally held a strong bond with the land and avoided losing their farms at all costs, since a landless farmer was destined to extreme poverty. Nevertheless, many Jews did lose their land through indebtedness during the Roman period and became farm labourers. Fishing was an occupation available to some in Galilee. Village artisans performed a variety of tasks such as carpentry and pottery. Townspeople included priests and scribes, of whom there were many, especially in Jerusalem. As in other parts of the Roman Empire, merchants formed an important part of town life. Good quality pottery, furniture, clothing and other crafts and manufactures provided work in the towns. Inevitably, those among the very poor who were unable to support themselves turned to brigandry, petty theft and begging. In turn, a corps of guards and local soldiers was required.

What is the main occupation in the Caribbean?

The main occupation in the Caribbean seems to be any occupation related to hospitality including food service and hotel workers. Civil servants and military personnel also make up a large portion of the working people in this area.

What is Katherine Lynch's main occupation?

Katherine Lynch's main occupation is an Irish television personality. She is known for several Television Broadcast, in which she plays a variety of unusual characters.

What is the main occupation of newzealand?

New Zealand is considered a 1st world country, with the range of occupations one would expect. A limit is the population, with only just over 4 million population. Technology levels are high, so IT in its various guises is a growing occupational segment.

What is the main occupation of west Africa?

West Africa is a geographical area, it does not have an occupation apart from occupying the region in which it exists. Of the countries in that region, there are several, you need to be more specific.

Why agriculture is the main occupation in the northern plains of India?

India is the land of agriculture and the northern plains arevery fertile due to the presence of silt (mixture of sandand clay) which is deposited by rivers like Ganges and Yamuna . Therefore, the occupation of many people isagriculture due the availability of things that is required forfarming.