What are the major achievements of early Mesopotamian civilizations?

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Mesopotamians were the first to create writing. It was called cuneiform. One leader whose name was Hammurabi, created the first Code of Laws. They were the first to us irrigation for agriculture. And also Judism
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What did early Mesopotamians hunt?

Answer I think they hunted fish, goat and deer. Or at least that's what i read Answer They hunted exotic wild and aggressive animals like lions tigers and bears, oh Pie! Answer Wild goats, rabbits, gazelles, birds, and deer. They also fished. Berries, wild animals, Goats, Rabbits, Bir (MORE)

Where did the Mesopotamian civilization develop?

Mesopotamian civilization develped by Egypt(and included some of its land) and between the Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf. The civilization was centralized in the fertile cresant between the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers because of the fertile land, hence the name 'fertile cresant.

Did agriculture have an effect on mesopotamian civilization?

Agriculture had an effect on all of civilization, not just Mesopotamian! The adoption of agriculture on our world was an immense step towards the building of cities. Prior to agriculture, we were hunters and gatherers. We moved with the herds and the seasons, going where it was green when it was gre (MORE)

What role did major rivers play in the development of early civilizations?

The major rivers played a huge part in the development of early civilizations due to the fact that they helped fertile the soil, which made it easier to grow crops. When the crops began to grow so did the population and this made farming become more and more common to all civilizations. With this fa (MORE)

Contributions of Mesopotamian Civilization?

wheel . mortal and pestle for grinding foods . astronomy . cultivation of grains . pottery . writing (cuneiform) . irrigation,canals,dams . measuring and surveying materials . religion . polytheistic

How did mesopotamian civilization emerge?

Mesopotamian civilization started when the rivers in Mesopotamia would flood. The two rivers that surrounded the area were the Tigris and Euphrates rivers . When the water would flood, it created fertile soil. The soil provided a great surplus of food. With this surplus, people could settle in th (MORE)

When did Mesopotamian civilization start?

3500 BC is one estimate, however, archaeologists point to the early Sumerians in 4,000BC. It arose appropriately in Sumer in the area now known as Iraq. The Sumerian civilization consisted of independent and fortified city states. These cities were often at war with each other. Agriculture was the e (MORE)

Identify major cultural achievements in early china?

The Chinese made progress in many areas during the Shang and Zhou periods. For example, astronomers studied the movement of planets and recorded eclipses of the sun. Their findings helped them develop an accurate calendar with365 1/4 days. The Chinese also made remarkable achievements in the art an (MORE)

What were some of the mesopotamian civilization inventions?

1.frying pans 2.razors 3.cosmetic sets 4.Shepard's pipes 5.harps 6.kilns to cook bricks and pottery 7.bronze hand tools like a hammers,axes,plow,and seeder plow 8.chariots 9.glass 10.daggers 11.wheel 12.writing called cuneiform 13.spears 14.sailboat 15.cylinder seal 16. (MORE)

Which mesopotamian civilization is monotheistic?

The Persian society . It suffered a religious reform sometimes in the 6th century BC (by some accounts it was the 4th century BC) after prophet Zoroaster ( Zartosht in Persian) proclaimed that the old Assirian gods awere not real and started the cult of Ahura Mazda, which eventually evolved in an a (MORE)

What were the 4 major early river civilizations?

The Egyptian civilization around the Nile river, the Mesopotamian/Sumerian civilization around the Tigris and Euphrates, the Indus Valley civilization of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro around the Indus river, and the Chinese/Shang civilization around the Yellow river.

Major rivers play in development of early civilization?

The major rivers played a huge part in the development of early civilizations due to the fact that they helped fertile the soil, which made it easier to grow crops. When the crops began to grow so did the population and this made farming become more and more common to all civilizations. With this fa (MORE)

What were some major achievements of the Roman civilization?

The Ancient Romans achieved great success in architecture as even today we still design buildings after theirs, and they also had a superior infrastructure to any other country or empire at the time. They had paved roads that went on for miles and miles stretching across their empire.

What were the Mayans major achievements of their civilization?

Some of them would include a numeric system that had the zero, one of the most precise solar calendars in the world (Mayans had very advanced knowledge in astronomy) and weren't conquered until the late 17th century (unlike the Aztecs, who were conquered at the early 16th century).

How did mesopotamian civilization begin?

Civilization emerged in Mesopotamia because the soil provided a surplus of food. With this surplus, people could settle down to village life and with these new settlements, towns and cities began to make their appearance, a process known as urbanization

The creators of the first Mesopotamian civilization?

Sumer (land of the civilized kings) was the first civilization inthe Mesopotamian region. Sumerian writing dates back to 3500 BCEwith the possibility that the region was settled between 5500 and4000 BCE. The Sumerians developed and used an ancient form ofwriting called cuneiform. The Sumerians were (MORE)

What major achievements is the Israelite civilization known for?

The long, rich history of Judaism gives the western world much ofits shape today. Many of the laws, traditions, culture and valuesare directly attributable to Judaism. 1) The Jews' monotheistic religious tradition shaped the Westernbeliefs about God. 2) The 7-day week, including a day of rest for ev (MORE)

When did the mesopotamian civilization end?

The Mesopotamian civilization has never ended. Over the milinia various cultured and conquerors lived there, one replacing the other. The present day civilization is that of Iraq.

What Mesopotamian civilization had purple dye?

The Phoenicians were famous for their purple cloth and they used shellfish for their purple dye in order to dye the cloth which is created only for the robes of the kings. hope this can help :)

What were the major cultural achievements of European civilization in the middle ages?

Wow! The question stuns me. The list is long. In fact it is too long to give credit to everyone and everything deserving. Have you heard of Beowulf? The Hagia Sophia? Dante? Chaucer? Castles, Counterpoint? Byzantine icons? Gothic architecture? Troubadours? Fiddles? Universities? The scientific m (MORE)

What were the Mesopotamian civilization laws written on?

well the laws of Hammurabi were written on an break resistant slab of clay (written when wet, displayed when dried) but others were just spoken or written on normal, natural clay made from resources found in the ground. also they wrote every word in there writing called kunea form. hope i helped!

What was a major achievement of civilization from the Hebrews?

You have asked a wide-ranging question with many hundreds of details in its answer. I'll provide a few examples. 1) The Jews' monotheistic religious tradition shaped the Western beliefs about God. 2) The 7-day week, including a day of rest for everyone. 3) The concept of morality was also the (MORE)

What were the major contributions of the Phonecians to early civilizations?

The most enduring legacy of the Phoenicians is their phonetic alphabet. Instead of using pictograms like other ancient alphabets, such as the cuneiform alphabet of Mesopotamia and the hieroglyphs of the Egyptians, the Phoenician alphabet used symbols which represented sounds. A pictogram is an ideog (MORE)

What are the key marks of Mesopotamian civilization?

The provision of water to facilitate the agriculture on which thedevelopment of civilisation depended. The organisation of communal facilities and activities on whichcivilised activities depended. The organisation of security to protect the civilisation frompredators on it.

What is considered a major contribution of Mesopotamian civilization?

The land fertility and river water allowed the production ofsurplus food. This surplus provided the basis for spending time andmoney on building, leisure and cultural activities. This includedthe beginnings of writing, codes of law, effective government,urbanisation, and unfortunately seriously orga (MORE)

What was the extent of Mesopotamian civilization?

It extended through the Tigris-Euphrates River basins. Its time extent began in with the Pre/Proto historical period ofabout 10,000 BCE. The classical period was 6th Century BCE(Persian) to 2nd Century CE (Roman).

What are the achievements of the Mesopotamians civilizations?

They were in the field of literature : literacy was highlyregarded, and many towns and temples had libraries. TheMesopotamians produced a lot of literature, the Epic of Gilgameshbeing still famous today, later 'translated' in the Bible as thestory of Noah. In mathematics they invented a numerical (MORE)

When was Mesopotamian civilization discovered?

Mesopotamian civilization wasnt offically discovered until the 19thcentury. However there were reports and descriptions of Mesopotamiaas early as the 12th period but the 19th century is when it wasonce properly discovered. Hope this helps x