What are the major characteristics of money market instruments?

1. Money market generates higher rate of returns than holding cash.
2. Money Market funds are liquid
3. low risk

The three fundamental characteristics of money market instruments are: (a) low default risk, (b) short-term to maturity, and (c) high marketability. These characteristics give money market instruments their characteristic of being low risk. Money market investors demand low-risk securities because their cash excesses are only temporary.
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What are the characteristics of Indian money market?

 Charecteristics of Indian Money Market     1.  Co-existence of organized and unorganized sectors:  The peculiar feature of the Indian Money Market is  the co-e (MORE)

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What are the Money market instruments in Pakistan?

The following are the Money Market instruments in Pakistan: 1) Pakistan Investment Bonds (PIBs) 2) Federal Investment Bonds (FIBs) 3) Market Treasury Bills (MTBs) 4) Term Fina (MORE)

What are the characteristics of e-markets in marketing?

Characteristics are: it uses internet, faster than manual  marketing, lot of strategies, easy to get in touch, sometimes it's  not reliable and it' online.    eMarket (MORE)