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What are the major products exported from cuba?

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sugar, nickel, tobacco, fish, medical products, citrus, coffee (CIA World Factbook).
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What does Cuba export and import?

Cuba exports items such as tobacco, medical products, and fish.  Cuba imports products such as petroleum, food, machinery and  equipment.

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What are the major imports and exports of Cuba?

Imports:. Food . Petroleum . Chemicals . Equipment & Machinery . Exports:. Sugar . Tobacco . Coffee . Nickel . Citrus . Fish . Medical products

What are three major export products of Suriname?

Three major exports as of 1996 for Suriname are: rice at about 8% fish and shrimp at about 11%bauxite (which is made into aluminum) at about 72% More include: Bananas,

What was the first product to become a major export industry in America?

  tobacco the answer is TOBACCO yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im doing this for ncaa 07 campus legend on my mid term lol wow...to bad you got the answer wrong because the

What are the major export products of US and what countries buy them?

Answer . Major U.S. exports include aircraft, motor vehicles and parts, food, iron and steel products, electric and electronic equipment, industrial and power-generating ma

Major import and export products of japan?

  •Top 10 Imports (Japan from world) crude oil, textile articles, electronic components, computers, LNG, fishes and shells, audio and visual apparatus, nonferrous metals

What are the major products and exports of Japan?

They are cars, computers, planes, and any other transport equipment. They absolutely have no aircraft being exported from Japan. Cars and small trucks are as are machine too
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What are some imports and exports of cuba?

The economy of Cuba large depends on its imports. Some of these are  petroleum, food, machinery and equipment and chemicals. Cuba's  exports include sugar, nickel, tobacco,