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The base units for the SI system are: length-meter, mass-kilogram, time-second, temperature interval-deg kelvin(or celsius), electric current-ampere, amount of substance-mole, luminous intensity-candela.

Some derived units are: area-hectare(10,000 sq m), volume-liter, weight-newton, energy-joule, power-watt, pressure-pascal or bar, frequency-hertz, angle-radian, potential difference-volt, resistance-ohm, capacitance-farad, inductance-henry
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How is temperature measured in the metric system?

Temperature is measured in the metric system using degrees Celsius  (centigrade).    The official scale is actually the Kelvin scale, which uses the  same degree size

Is the metric measuring system used in Russia?

Yes, the metric system is used in every country of the world except  the United States, Liberia, and Myanmar (Burma).

What is the basis of the metric measurement system?

Multiplication and division by 10 and its multiples.

The metric system is measured in what?

It depends on what you are measuring! Distance is measured in metres Time is measured in seconds Mass is measured in kilogrammes Volume is measured in litres Force is measured

Disadvantage of the English system of measurement to metric system of measurement?

Imperial measurement is omplicated, inconsistent and generally difficult to use.   For example, how many inches - or feet, or yards, or furlongs and so on in a mile?   N
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How is time measured in the metric system?

Time is measured in exactly the same way regardless of whether the  measurer uses metric, standard, or imperial measures.    The base unit of time is the second. All t
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How do you measure distances in the metric system?

Generally we measure the distances in meters and centimeters . before knowing about metric system we know what is metric system? Metric system:it is also known as SI system
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What are the units of measurement in metric system?

The units of measurement are:    Length: metre (m)   mass: gram (g)   volume: litre (l)    These can be preceded by multipliers representing powers of 10