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What are the names description of all champbell's soups?

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I called campbells and they told me that there are 237 different types of soup.
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In inuyasha What are all the band of 7 names and description?

Kyokotusu he is the largest but weakest of the band of seven. Against Koga, Kyokotsu also uses a giant iron ball attached to a flail-like long chain, but this is nearly useles

What are some names of soups?

Tomato   French onion   Vichyssoise   Borsht   Mulligatawny   Potage   Chowder.   Chicken and sweetcorn   Vegetable   Vegetable with Beef 

Where did the name pea soup come from?

Pea Soup is a simple yet tasty, delicious and satisfying treat. It is easy to identify this dish through its yellowish or grayish-green color. The origins of pea soup can be t