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What are the names of General George Patton's jeep drivers in World War 2?

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Type your answer here... Private Thomas Trotter and Private Moses Gentry were his drivers, but I haven't a clue ast to the dates of their service. I do, however know Moses Gentry lived in Birmingham, Alabama, and passed away in 2000. He is buried at Forest Hill Cemetery in Birmingham.
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From George Patton's view how could World War 2 been avoided?

Patton obviously had no problem with taking action. He would probably have opted to use military force to stop Hitler from his earliest conquests in Czechslovakia, Poland, et

What was george Patton's role in World War 2?

He was one of the main generals in the Mediterranean Theater from 1942 to 1944 and the Western Front of the European Theater from 1944 to 1945. He led to American armies durin

What was the name of General George Patton's horse?

Patton's favorite horse was "Big Red". Big Red was the "riderless horse" in General Patton's funeral procession. That is according to my late father who was an army private at

What was general George Patton's job in War 2?

He had several jobs in WW2. At first he was the commander of the 2d armored division with the rank of Major General. He was then selected to command the western task force in

Who was General Patton's driver in World War 2?

  General Patton's original driver in WWII was Warren George Schumacher of Richland Center, WI. Schumacher was subsequently replaced, and was not the driver involved in th

Who were General Montgomery's drivers in World War 2?

My grandad, John Giles Hall was also a driver of Montgomery (or Monty) He used to tell an anecdote of people saluting the car when he was driving it alone and he would return

Who were Patton's Jeep drivers?

My wife's uncle, Gene Boisselle, of Fall River, MA, drove Patton's jeep during part of the campaign in the European theater. My grandfather, Charles D. Croley, was one of Gene

What was George Patton's role in Wold War 2?

General George S. Patton, famous for his 3rd Army breakthrough to Bastogne, a town in Belgium that was surrounded by the German 5th Panzer Army. The American Troops in Bastogn