What are facts about Warren Sapp?

Warren Sapp . He went to the University of Miami and he played for the Bucs. He now plays for Oakland.. AND.. He is second ALL-time in sacks by a DT behind John Randle. He (MORE)

Are Marvin Sapp and Warren Sapp related?

Yes, they are distant cousins through a forefather named Alan Sapp. Alan had 10 brothers and Warren and Marvin are descendants. This is fact! I'm a family member as well.

Does Warren Sapp have children?

Yes Mr. Sapp has children. He had a child with a mistress a few years ago. It probably didn't help his marriage at the time. He tried to avoid paternity by switching lab sampl (MORE)
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Where does warren sapp live?

He lives in a small town outside of Orlando called Windermere,lake butler is the name of his subdivision it's across from isleworth were shaq and tiger woods live.

John Randle or Warren Sapp?

John Randle had 40 more sacks while only playing 1 more season. He Was much better against the run and was much more versatile. Plus the war paint he wore was beast. Answer (MORE)
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What is Warren Sapp best known for?

Warren Sapp was formerly a defensive tackle in the National Football League which is his best known feat. He's also known for being voted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame of i (MORE)