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What are the names of all of the daleks in Doctor Who?

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Not all daleks have names, the more notable ones just have titles, such as Dalek Emperor, or Dalek Supreme.
The Cult of Skaro had names though, their names were Dalek Sec, Caan, Jast and Thay.
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In Doctor Who was there a Dalek in the Waters of Mars?

Yes, when the captain of the mission has a flashback, it shows the world being taken over by Daleks (the events of The Stolen Earth), a Dalek looks at her but doesn't kill her

Where can you buy a mini Doctor Who Dalek?

You can get the mini figures that go with lego there is daleks in there but you never know what figure you get. Also there is the action figures where you can get it from plac

What Doctor Who specials include the daleks?

None of the specials are about Daleks but they have appeared briefly in; The Waters of Mars; one looks through the window at a young Adelaide Brooke. Dalek ships are seen in

Who plays the daleks in Doctor Who?

Since the shows return in 2005 Nicolas Briggs has voiced all of the Daleks. In the classic series Peter Hawkins, David Graham and Roy Skelton did the voices.

What daleks come in the Doctor Who dalek factory?

The Dalek home-world Skaro was once home to two humanoid races, the peaceful and scientifically advanced Kaleds/Dals (who were described as philosophers and teachers) and the