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What are the names of all the doctors in Doctor Who?

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The 1st Doctor William Hartnell
The 2nd Doctor Patrick Troughton
The 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee
The 4th Doctor Tom Baker
The 5th Doctor Peter Davison
The 6th Doctor Colin Baker
The 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy
The 8th Doctor Paul McGann
The (8.5 War Doctor) [actually the real 9th] John Hurt
The 9th [actually the 10th] Doctor Christopher Eccleston
The 10th [actually the 11th and 12th] Doctor David Tennant
The 11th [actually the 13th] Doctor Matt Smith
The 12th [actually the 1st of the new 12 count regenerations] Doctor Peter Capaldi
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Can you name all of the Doctor Who episodes?

Doctor Who Episodes in Order from 1963 to Present   Season 1    An Unearthly Child   • 4 Episodes   • Doctor: 1st Doctor   • Companions: Susan, Ia

What are the names of all of the daleks in Doctor Who?

Not all daleks have names, the more notable ones just have titles, such as Dalek Emperor, or Dalek Supreme. The Cult of Skaro had names though, their names were Dalek Sec, C

What is the DO after doctors' names?

In the US it means Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and is very similar to a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree, although it is a slightly different training program with addition

Who is the Doctor?

The doctor is a 'Time Lord', an alien species from the Planet of Gallifrey. The Doctor's real name is not given out, it has been kept a secret even from his companions, only o

Who is doctor?

The Doctor is a character in Doctor Who. He is a Time Lord which means he has the ability to reform his body into a new shape when he dies as one form. The Doctor travels in a

Where is Doctor Who from?

The planet of Gallifrey, which was in the constellation of Kasterborous, but has been in locked in time since the Time War. Possibly he came from the Academy part of the plane

What was the name of the first doctor in Doctor Who?

The 1st Doctor who aired on November 23rd 1963 was William Hartnell. He regenerated in 1966 into Patrick Troughton, followed by Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker (the longest-running and

How did all the Doctors die in Doctor Who?

The 1st Doctor after the 1st ever battle with the Cybermen in The  Tenth Planet declared "This old body of mine's wearing a bit thin".  He returned to the TARDIS where he re

What are the names of all the Doctor Who companions?

In order: Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, Vicki, Stephen Taylor, Dorothea "Dodo" Chaplet, Ben Jackson, Polly, Jamie Macrimmon, Victoria Waterfield, Zoe Herriot,

What is a doctor?

A doctor is a medical practitioner, ie. he/she practices medicine.  The primary role of a medical doctor is to maintain or restore  human health. This is done through studyi

What are all of the ood names from Doctor Who?

They are all just called ood apart from one which is called Ood Sigma. Ood Sigma Is the ood which sees the doctor in most Doctor who episodes which have the ood in them.

What do doctors do?

Depends which doctor you mean 1. Some doctors do very important surgeries and test. They also tell people if they have a certain type of procedures need or medications neede

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Who is Doctor Who?

The Doctor   Doctor Who is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. Time Lords are  effectively immortal under normal circumstances, since they  regenerate at death. They

What are the names of all the actors who have played the Doctor on Doctor Who?

The 1st Doctor William Hartnell   The 2nd Doctor Patrick Troughton   The 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee   The 4th Doctor Tom Baker   The 5th Doctor Peter Davison   The

What is Doctor Who about?

It's a British science fiction television program about time  travel. The Doctor is the only remaining Time Lord after the Time  War. The Daleks wiped out his entire species

What are the 11 names of the Doctors in Doctor Who?

1) William Hartnell   2) Patrick Troughton   3) Jon Pertwee   4) Tom Baker   5) Peter Davison   6) Colin Baker   7) Sylvester McCoy   8) Paul McGan

What are all the names of the doctors on Star Trek?

Dr. Phlox (John Billingsley) is the Chief Medical Officer onthe Enterprise NX-01, commanded by Capt. Jonathan Archer (ScottBakula). . Dr. Phillip Boyce (John Hoyt) is the Chi