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What are the names of all the jamaican scientist?

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Dr.Thomas Lecky
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What does the jamaican scientist paula tennant discover?

What did the Jamaican scientist Paula Tennant discover? She  discovered and characterized numerous viruses affecting citrus,  curcurbits and root crops. She was the fist per

Are all jamaicans black?

No, Jamaicans come in a variety of different nations. Jamaica is considered the land of many people. Historically the Arawak Indians were the first settlers, then African slav

Name all the kinds of scientist?

    Astronomers (including astrophysicists)     Biologists (including botanists, entomologists, geneticists, herpetologists, ichthyologists, lepidopterists, mic

What are Some names of jamaican scientist?

Professor Manley West has done extensive work with marijuana plants. He has extracted two compounds that are used in medicine today- Canasol an eye drops used to treat glaucom

What are the names of all the scientists in the world?

if you want the answer go to google.com and type in all the names of the scientist and it wil pull some stuff about scientist click on it and it will have alot of info about t

What are the names of five Jamaican scientists?

5 Jamaican scientistsDr. Thomas Lecky acquired international fame for his work in animal breeding, having developed world famous Jamaican, and indeed tropically adapted, breed