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What are the names of all the jamaican scientist?

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Dr.Thomas Lecky
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What does the jamaican scientist paula tennant discover?

What did the Jamaican scientist Paula Tennant discover? She  discovered and characterized numerous viruses affecting citrus,  curcurbits and root crops. She was the fist per (MORE)

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Name of jamaican president?

Jamaica does not have president instead there is a prime minister and his name is Bruce Golding

History of the Jamaican Bobsled Team

The story of the Jamaican bobsled team is a story of heart, perseverance, and ambition. What was considered a joke by many, ended up grabbing the world's attention in 1988 whe (MORE)

Scientists Identify Three Essential Cells Involved In Breast Cancer Metastasis

Women die from breast cancer because tumor cells spread to vital organs of the body. Scientists have identified the three specific cells that are required for the spread of b (MORE)

You Won't Believe What Scientists Have Discovered

Scientists and archaeologists often find some of the most interesting things that give us a unique look into moments of our past that were unknown to us before. These discover (MORE)

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The life of professor errol Morris the Jamaican scientist?

The name of the Jamaican scientist is actually named Errol Morrison  versus Errol Morris. He attended the University of the West Indies,  University College London, and the (MORE)

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How do scientists name hurricanes after all of the letters of the alphabet?

Scientists name each hurricane after one letter in the alphabet. It goes A, B, C, D, etc.Names alternate in gender; for example the first storms of the   2010 Atlantic sea (MORE)

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Name all the kinds of scientist?

    Astronomers (including astrophysicists)     Biologists (including botanists, entomologists, geneticists, herpetologists, ichthyologists, lepidopterists, mic (MORE)

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Are all jamaicans black?

No, Jamaicans come in a variety of different nations. Jamaica is considered the land of many people. Historically the Arawak Indians were the first settlers, then African slav (MORE)