What are the names of all the jamaican scientist?

Dr.Thomas Lecky
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Is it true you were in the middle of your geochemistry doctorate when you decided you wanted to be a writer instead?

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Have scientists discovered and named nearly all living things on earth?

Almost certainly not, new species of bugs are being found almost every day. While the discovery of previously unknown mammals is fairly sporadic, it has happened in recent yea (MORE)

Is there a jamaican wood carver named Lancelot Bryan?

there is, and he died last week Lancelot Bryan was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica. He was a self taught artist who had a natural flair when working with wood and people. He be (MORE)
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How do scientists name hurricanes after all of the letters of the alphabet?

Scientists name each hurricane after one letter in the alphabet. It goes A, B, C, D, etc.Names alternate in gender; for example the first storms of the   2010 Atlantic sea (MORE)
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Name of jamaican president?

Jamaica does not have president instead there is a prime minister and his name is Bruce Golding
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Are all jamaicans black?

No, Jamaicans come in a variety of different nations. Jamaica is considered the land of many people. Historically the Arawak Indians were the first settlers, then African slav (MORE)

The life of professor errol Morris the Jamaican scientist?

The name of the Jamaican scientist is actually named Errol Morrison  versus Errol Morris. He attended the University of the West Indies,  University College London, and the (MORE)
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