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What are the natural predators of crabs?

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Crabs are frequently preyed upon by halibut, dogfish, sculpins, octopus, otters, sea turtles, and even other species of crabs. Young crabs may sometimes be eaten by their own species. Crab larvae might be eaten by pretty much anything that eats plankton.
the natural predators for a hermit crab is the octopus
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How crabs avoid predators?

Crabs avoid predators by walking away from them and hiding under  rocks and sand. They can also use their claws to keep predators  away.

Is a crab a predator?

Answer   Crabs are generally considered omnivors as they eat just about anything. You can learn more by using the link provided to the Wikipedia article on the crab.  

What are the natural predators of KING crabs?

The Alaskan King Crab also has several natural predators that  consider them a food source. Fish such as the halibut or pacific  cod are good examples of predators as well a

How does the crab protect itself from its predator?

it depends on what kind of crab your talking about hermit crabs have hard shells they hide in, king crabs and snow crabs have claws to protect them self they also have a hard

What are fiddler crab predators?

fiddler crab predators are animal that hunt and eat their prey, they are like crabs which is why they are given the name crab, but no one really knows where the name fiddler c