What are the new hair products for curly hair?

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Herbal essences has a new curly hair shampoo and conditioner.- Totally Twisted
If your hair is frizzy curly the New John Frieda Frizz-Ease Line has a shampoo and conditioner product for curly hair- Curl Around
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If curly hair is genetic why do you have curly hair if none of your ancestors did?

The answer to your question may lie in the way that hair-type genesare inherited. First, a review of some basic genetics stuff. For most genes, youhave two copies of each gene that you inherited from your motherand father. For most "traditional" genes, there is a dominant andrecessive version. This (MORE)

Why is your hair curly?

hair follicles of people with straight hair are round, people with wavy hair have oval follicles and curly haired people have straight follicles. Your hair follicles are inherited from parents and grandparents

What products can you use for curly snarly hair?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nHave you tried VO5? or maybe a leave in conditioner.\n. \n Answer \n. \nFor stubborn hair problems like you have it's best to go right into a salon and speak to a hairstylist and they will sell you the right product. Although more expensive (lasts a long time (MORE)

Why do you have curly hair?

You have curly hair because of your genes. Not your jeans, your genes. Does curly hair run in your family? If so, it's not unusual for you to have curly hair.

How do you get curly hair?

1. use herbal essences tousle me softly mousse. 2. get your hair wet, then braid your entire head. u should sleep in it, then when you wake up, its crimped, or curly 3.use a curling iron 4.use a crimper 5.use a curling iron, then use a crimper 6.scrunch it up

What is the best hair product for curly hair?

To make curly hair look good, I, and many others, HIGHLY recommendgoing to the DevaChan salon. It is a bit expensive but TOTALLYworth it because they really tell you what to do with theirproducts. It really makes your hair look great even if you onlyhave slightly wavy hair or even if you have puffy, (MORE)

Why is hair curly?

The shape of a hair strand depends upon the shape of the follical in your skin AND the genetic code you have for hair protein. Some individuals are genetically coded to produce hair with folds of varying intensity. Hair protein with many cross linkages between molecules are more crooked.

What makes curly hair curly?

If you have a flat shaft then then you have curly hair. If you have straight hair you have an oval shaft. It always depends on what type of shaft you have. It also depends if you have wavy hair or not.

What are good hair products fro curly hair?

Well I have curly hair and what i use is a shampoo and conditioner called "Sunsilk" it's the green one for frizz. It works great on curly hair :) Hope this helps! I also use "hair mouse" and "Alcohol free" gel!! if you go to sunsilks website you can get a free sample to try it before you buy it! H (MORE)

How can you get curly hair?

To get curly hair you could... Braid your hair and sleep with it. OR Braid your hair and add hairspray, water or moose. OR If you are in a rush you could use a curling iron.

What to do with curly hair?

To make curly hair look good, I, and many others, HIGHLY recommendgoing to the DevaChan salon. It is a bit expensive but TOTALLYworth it because they really tell you what to do. It really makesyour hair look great even if you only have slightly wavy hair oreven if you have puffy, frizzy, corkscrew c (MORE)

How to do curly hair?

If you mean style wise, there are billions! I have curly hair and what I find helps is if you take some product (ex: NoodleHead) and scrunch your hair, it gives you beautiful, wet-looking curls. Another favorite of mines is a side ponytail. Bring the hair over to one side and secure with a hair tie (MORE)

What good hair care products should you use for super curly hair?

Use DevaChan products! I have super curly hair and Irecommend going to the salon, DevaChan, so they can show youexactly what to do with their products. If there is no way you willbe able to actually go to an appointment there, get their productsfrom Amazon BUT watch the YouTube video first tel (MORE)

What hair products are best for curly hair?

To make curly hair look good, I, and many others, HIGHLY recommendgoing to the DevaChan salon. It is a bit expensive but TOTALLYworth it. If there is no way you will be able to actually go toan appointment, get their products from Amazon but watch theYouTube video first telling you which product (MORE)

What can you do with curly hair?

Braid it, wear it half up, leave it naturally, straighten it, straighten and curl it for a different type of curl... there are many things you can do!

What makes curly hair curly and straight hair straight?

There are quite a few factors that go into the texture of a persons hair. The main factor of course is genetics, look to your parents to see their hair type and usually it will mimic yours. Other reasons include: . Humidity in the air . All hair twists, even straight hair it just depends on the (MORE)

Which is better- straight hair or curly hair?

Well,Whatever its(Straight or curly),it given by God, but okay,as a question it goes like, IF UR FACE IS SMALL AND ROUND, GO FOR STRAIGHT HAIR, AND IF LONG AND OVAL, GO FOR CURLY.

How do you do scene hair with curly hair?

The answer is simple, yet in my explanation, long. You should first go to a salon you trust, and ask them to give you a "scene" haircut. If they do not know what that is, you may want to take a picture. After getting your hair cut like that, you need to buy some things. The first thing you need is s (MORE)

How to get curly hair?

There are 3 definite ways to do this either... 1. put in plaits for wavy hair or french plaits for crimpy effecthair put in while hair is still damp. OR sleep in rollers 2. Use barrell tongs or curling tongs for a loopy curls 3. Use straighteners and wrap hair around plates

Can you get a pixie hair cut with curly hair?

You can but it's not a good idea. The curl in your hair will ruin the effect of the pixie cut and make you look... odd. I guess you could straighten it every morning but it would be hard to do and burn your hair. It's your choice but I wouldn't recommend it.

How do you do a emo hair cut with curly hair?

You can try straightening it, but that can damage your hair if you don't use the heat protection stuff. If you can't do that then get sidebangs and add a bow or two to you hair. Layers might help, unless your hair is very frizzy most of the time.

Black curly hair products?

DevaChan products are amazing! They work best if you are properlyinstructed on how to use them at the salon. If there is no way youwill be able to actually go to an appointment at their salon, gettheir products from Amazon but watch the YouTubevideo first telling you which products you will need (MORE)

What can you do to make your curly hair more curly?

First wash your hair with whatever conditioner and shampoo you normally use. When you have rinsed everything out untangle your hair with a wide tooth comb, not a brush. Then get a t shirt that is going in the washing machine. Dry your hair with that but make sure it is not too dry, your hair should (MORE)

Can you change curly hair to long hair?

You cannot "change" your hair to make it long. Curly hair, justlike straight hair, has to grow. You can temporarily make your hairlook longer by straightening it, however. Curly hair also tends to"shrink" when it dries, but there are anti-shrinkage products youcan apply to your hair to prevent this. (MORE)

How do you straight the hair from curly hair?

You use what is called a straightening iron. It is recommended to use heat protection since it will not damage your hair as much. For more information, visit your local hairdresser.

How do you get curly hair with damp hair?

If your hair is damp, you can use a special curling iron made forwhen your hair is damp to curl it. If you would rather not useheat, (which by the way is way better for your hair,) you can braidit tightly using however many braids you'd like. It will make itwavy/curly based on how many/how tight you (MORE)

How can you keep your hair straight if you have curly hair?

I have curly hair, i just blow dry it straight or use straighteners after a wile my hair gave up going curly and is now just naturally straight You first dry it off with a blow drier, using a round brush. After that you use a hair iron to get it straight. And feel free to use hair spray after ge (MORE)

How do you turn curly hair to wavy hair?

Brush through the curls or add a chemical relaxer-although the latter will hurt your hair. A bit more: There are a few other things you can do, too. If you roll your hair on large curlers it will give you big, loose curls that will brush out into sleek, wavy hair. You can do this with either hot (MORE)

Which hair mousses are best for curly hair?

Tresemme Flawless Curls Mousse, Curly Hair Mousse - Totally Twisted from Herbal Essences, Dove Volumizing and Lifting Mousse, Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream, Living Proof No Frizz Styling Cream, Redken Ringlet 07, Tresemme Flawless Curls Jelly and John Freida Take Charge Mousse

How do make straight hair to curly hair?

you can make straight hair to curly hair lods of different ways... -put bendy rollers in overnight or socks and just roll them around for both of them for springy-ish curls depending on the length of your hair.- -curling tongs they can help alot and you basically decide kind off what type of curls y (MORE)

Can you curl your hair with a straightener if you have curly hair?

First off.. Why would you want want to curl your hair if you already have curly hair? Little strange to me.. but anyways ,I told my mom this question and she said no. So I'm pretty sure she's right. Unless you want flat 'curls' in your hair. No I don't think it's possible

What product can regrow curly hair that's been damaged?

Hair, once out of the hair sacs and above the scalp is dead. Not much you can do about that. Hair, still under production is all controlled by the body anyhow. And if the hair sacs are damaged, not much to do about that either. If the hair sacs are OK, just do what you should to stay overall healthy (MORE)