What are the original capitals of the thirteen colonies?

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The thirteen original colonies and their original capitals are sometimes difficult to determine due to shifting boundaries, changing name of colony, and changing European power in control at a given time. Some are determined as the place where the government body of the time met.

  • Fort Kristina, 1635-1655
  • Fort Amsterdam, 1655-1664
  • New York NY, 1664-1682
  • Philadelphia PA, 1682-1704
  • New Castle, 1704-1777
  • Dover, 1777 to date

  • Philadelphia, 1682-1799
  • Lancaster, 1799-1812
  • Harrisburg, 1812 to date

New Jersey
  • Fort Amsterdam NY, 1625-1665
  • Elizabethtown (now Elizabeth) 1665-1673
  • Boston MA, 1673-1888
  • Perth Amboy (East NJ) and Burlington (West NJ), 1789-1702
  • Perth Amboy and Burlington served as joint capitals when NJ united in 1702-1784
  • Trenton, 1794 to date

  • San Agustin FL, 1565-1733
  • Savannah, 1722 -1778
  • Augusta, 1778-1780
  • Heard's Fort, 1780-1781
  • Augusta, 1781-1782
  • Savannah, 1782
  • Ebenezer, 1782-1784
  • Savannah, 1784-1786
  • Augusta, 1786-1796
  • Louisville, 1796-1807
  • Milledgeville, 1807-1864
  • Macon, 1864-1865
  • Milledgeville, 1865-1868
  • Atlanta, 1868 to date

  • Fort Amsterdam NY, 1625-1639
  • Hartford, 1639-1640
  • New Haven, 1640-1686
  • Boston MA, 1686-1689
  • Hartford and New Haven joint capitals 1689-1875
  • Hartford, 1875 to date

  • Plimouth, 1620-1686 (capital of Colony of New Plimouth)
  • Boston, 1630-1686 (capital of English Colony of Massachusetts)
  • Boston, 1686-1689 (capital of English Dominion of New England)
  • Plimouth, 1688-1692 (capital of dissidant Colony of New Plimouth)
  • Boston, 1688 to present

  • St. Mary's City, 1634-1694
  • Annapolis, 1694 to date

South Carolina
  • San Agustin FL, 1565-1670
  • Charlestown, 1670-1786
  • Columbia, 1786 to date

New Hampshire
  • Boston MA, 1630-1680
  • Portsmouth, 1680-1686
  • Boston MA, 1686-1689
  • Portsmouth, 1689-1775
  • Exeter, 1775-1808
  • Concord, 1808 to date

  • Jamestown, 1619-1698
  • Williamsburg, 1698-1790
  • Richmond, 1790 to date

New York
  • Fort Amsterdam, 1625-1664
  • New York City, 1664-1688
  • Boston MA, 1688-1689
  • New York City, 1689-1777
  • Kingston, 1777
  • Hurley, 1777
  • Poughkeepsie, 1777-1788
  • New York City, 1788-1797
  • Albany, 1797 to date

North Carolina
  • San Agustin FL, 1565-1670
  • Charlestown SC, 1670-1712
  • New Bern, 1712-1789
  • Fayetteville, 1789-1794
  • Raleigh, 1794 to date

Rhode Island
  • Providence, 1636-1639
  • Portsmouth, 1639-1663
  • Providence, 1663-1686
  • Boston MA, 1686-1689
  • Providence, 1689-1776
  • Rotated meeting at county seats Providence, Newport, East Greenwich, South Kingston, and Bristol, 1776-1854
  • Providence and Newport, joint capitals 1854-1900
  • Providence, 1900 to date
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