What are the parts of Pennsylvania?

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I'm not sure what you are asking but I will offer this information.
Eastern Pennsylvania is mostly farmlands in rural areas, or small, medium, and large cities.

Cutting diagonally across the state from northeast Pennsylvania (but beginning in Maine) through southwest Pennsylvania are the Appalachian Mountains. This is an old mountain range, older than the Rocky Mountains. The Appalachian Mountains were formed when the Super Continent ripped apart. As part of the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania is the Allegheny Mountain range. At the southern-central border of Pennsylvania the Blue Ridge Mountains (part of the Appalachians) go through part of Maryland and Virginia. The Appalachian Mountain range extends far into the southern states, ending just north of the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

So, the central part of PA (most of it) are mountainous. These mountains created a huge barrier to westward movement during colonial days. Migration did not occur until the mid to late 1700s. Obviously, there are deep valleys near the mountains. The valleys are lush, perfect for agriculture/farming.

Western Pennsylvania (north and south) are rolling hills and some flatter lands (but not nearly as flat as Ohio to the west). SW PA has some steep hills that pedestrians walk in cities, but it is strenuous walking.

All of the State of Pennsylvania has creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, and manmade dams. These provide plentiful fishing and irrigation of crops. The State has warm to hot/humid weather in summers; ice, snow, and cold temps in winters.

Pennsylvania is a beautiful Statte with thick forests, plentiful game/fish, scenic views, and adequate employment opportunities in cities.

Is Lake Erie part of Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania borders Lake Erie, but only a relatively small part of it. Larger portions are taken up by New York, Ohio, and Ontario.

Is Pennsylvania part of a Deciduous forest?

no because deciduous forests are in north american and since Pennsylvania is a state and not in north america so therefore Pennsylvania is not part of a deciduous forest. than

Was Pennsylvania part of the Union or the Confederacy?

The Union - very much so. Pennsylvania had a strong free-soil tradition, and its border with slave-owning Maryland was the Mason-Dixon line that separated North from South.