What are the people called that disarm bombs?

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Members of the "bomb squad" disable bombs. Usually, these workers are police officers who have additional training with explosives and how to disarm a wide variety of devices. One team members might also work with a "bomb sniffing dog" and the dog is considered part of the police force also, even though a canine, just like other police dogs are part of the force.
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Why do people commit Suicide bombings?

Suicide Bombers . Often times, the environment we grow up in influences the thoughts we have and the decisions we make. Many suicide bombers come from backgrounds where they are brainwashed into believing they are doing the right thing by killing others- Religion, geography, political influe (MORE)

What was the bomb called that bombed japan?

Answer . "Little Boy" is the nick name given to the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima from the bomber plane called the Enola Gay. There was also a second bomb named "Fat man" that hit Nagasaki.

Did the Focke-Wulf bomb people?

Focke-Wulf manufactured several different aircraft used by Germany in WWII, but I do not believe any were bombers. They did drop time-delay bombs from high altitude fighters over Allied bombers and on Atlantic convoy ships and probably on ground troops, but I doubt if any were involved in major bomb (MORE)

What do atomic bombs do to people?

That depends on a person's proximity to the hypocenter of the blast. The further away you are, even from a very large bomb, generally the better off you are, but there are many, many mitigating factors. If you were at Hiroshima, Japan on the morning of August 6, 1945, and you happened to be stand (MORE)

How do i disarm a bomb?

disarming a bomb depends on the type of ordnance (dont try it) dont be dumb BUT IF YOU NEED TO KNOW HERE GOES if you happen to see one, First you run away (as far and fast as you can) step 2 is call 911 and let EOD or Bomb Squad worry about it.. it would be irresponsible for me to tell you how to (MORE)

How did the atomic bomb affect people?

People not killed outright got injured with deep burns, as well ascuts and bruises. Later on rain fell and it was radioactive.Radiation caused vomiting, nausia, headache, and a loss of whiteblood cells.

What does people think about atomic bomb?

its a bomb that's atomic =) and blows up stuff. hope that helps first of all its what DO people think of the atomic bomb ^-^ any ways the atomic bomb astonished everyone (exept scientists) it very amazing >.

Did the atomic bomb melt people?

it depends most people did actually die from being melted due to the heat of the bomb . Peace out . Most people did not "melt" the inital blast killed many, and the burning caused by the heat killed many more, people do not "melt" as there chemical composistions are very complex making it almost i (MORE)

How do you disarm the bomb in fallout 3?

To disarm the Megaton bomb, you must reach an Explosives skill level of 25. When you do, go up to the bomb and interact with it. You can then disarm it, rig it to explode, or leave it alone. Disarming it will earn you a house, good karma, and even caps if you had a successful Speech convincing with (MORE)

On GTA4 how do you disarm people?

when the person you are fighting attemps to lung or hit you press B or Y and it should counter it and you will have the weapon :)

How did the people feel after the bombing of Hiroshima?

They felt it was necessary in order to prevent an estimated 500 000 us soldiers' death as well as the Japanese soldiers. However, it was a heavy price 350 000 people died after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki only 150 000 lives would have actually been saved

Can a bomb disarm another about to be set off?

Its not exactly disarming, but it can be considered disabling. . In nuclear weapons its called "fratricide". One weapon detonating before another close by can disable 2nd because its neutron flux can start the chain reaction in the other before a critical assembly is achieved by the conventional (MORE)

Why people used atomic bombs?

WWII was a very difficult time; Americans and Australian's were badly mistreated, used as slaves (having to build the 'Death Railway' which the Japanese needed to transport supplies is a good example) and Stalags were not places that you could feel safe from being away from the Russian Front. Infact (MORE)

Why do people make bombs?

Bombs serve a purpose in war and even in peace time. Bombs can strategically (or as some say surgically) remove buildings, bridges, dams and other structures or enemy posts which makes it harder for the enemy to wage war. Bombs can be used in peace time to destroy old buildings, infected building (MORE)

Did nelson Mandela bomb people?

No, Mandelaidnt bomb people. His goal was to avoid killing or hurting people. Instead, he wanted to bomb the places that were significant to the National Party and the whites of South Africa, while trying to avoid killing people in the process.

In From Russia With Love the third level how does James Bond disarm the 5 bombs?

The Bombs are the red dots on the maps, once you find them (some are in the first room with the elevator) all you have to do is stand in front of the bomb until an icon prompting you to disarm the bomb with X, or whatever it is on your platform. Now just hold down X (or whatever) until the red line (MORE)

How do you disarm an atomic bomb?

Figure out a way to remove the nuclear material, and there will be no reaction. Unfortunately, atomic bombs are usually dropped from the sky, detonating on impact.

Why are hydrogen bombs called dirty bombs?

Hydrogen bombs are called "dirty" bombs because, in the final stage of detonation, they fission 1 a lot of uranium, releasing its binding energy. This results in a lot of mixed fission byproducts that contaminate the environment. ------------------------------------------------------------------- (MORE)

Why do bombs kill people?

There are several reasons why people die in bomb explosions which correspond to the ways how bombs inflict damage. The first is overpressure, especially for larger bombs. What happens in this process is that the blast compresses the surround air, sending out a wave of high-pressure air that forces i (MORE)

What were people worried about with hydrogen bombs?

People were/are worried about fusion bombs for the same reasons they were/are worried about fission bombs, except more so because the yield of a fusion bomb is typically much higher than the yield of a fission bomb. So a fusion bomb typically does more of everything a fission bomb does.

Was there a bomb called the earthquake bomb?

Yes, it was a British creation by Barnes Wallis that was an earth penetrator and came as the Tall Boy and the later Grand Slam version which tipped the scales at 22,000 pounds. They are viewed as the first generation of the modern GBU-28 bombs used in the Iraq war and the proposed 30,000 pound Massi (MORE)

How did bombing of Britain affect people?

The bombing by Germans/Japan in Britain affected us alot because they bombed the strongest cities- e.g the ones who supplied the most for our army. The capital London was also a massive hit. Everybody has blackout times when they had to literally turn off every single light, close their curtains whe (MORE)

What is the first atom bomb called?

The first nuclear explosive tested was code named Gadget . July 16, 1945. . The first nuclear bomb dropped was code named Little Boy . August 6, 1945. It remains unknown when the first atom bomb was created.

Why are nuclear bombs called 'dirty' bombs?

Fusion (thermonuclear) bombs can be classified into 'dirty' and 'clean' bombs, depending on the material used for their fusion stage(s) tamper. Normally depleted uranium is used, this produces a very high yield 'dirty' bomb as the uranium fissions providing as much as 90% of the yield and large amou (MORE)

How do people bomb their heads?

If by "bomb" one means photo bomb, a person simply needs to make sure their head is in the frame before a picture is taken. Photo bombing has become popular with people as a way to make sure they're noticed. Sometimes, however, it's simply by accident.

What was the name of the homicide were people called in a bomb threat then waited for the kids to get outside and shoot them?

I'm not sure if you are talking about the school shooting in Arkansas. There wasn't a bomb threat but one of the shooters pulled the fire alarm so they could shoot kids as they ran outside. If this is the one your talking about it was Andrew Golden, 11 and Mitchell Johnson, 13. Andrew pulled the fir (MORE)

Why do neutron bombs can kill people?

Neutron bombs are designed to release massive amounts of radiation but not leave behind high levels of long-term radiation. Specifically, it is engineered to release much of its energy as fast-neutrons (hence the name for the device) rather than explosive energy. The high level of neutrons released (MORE)

Why is thermonuclear bomb are called dirty bombs?

They aren't usually. However there are 3 variant designs of fusion bombs: . High yield - this is the conventional design using either depleted uranium or natural uranium for the tamper of the fusion stage(s). Over 90% of the yield is produced by fission in the tamper caused by 15 MeV fusion neutr (MORE)

How do you disarm people in minecraft?

The only way to disarm people in Minecraft is to join a Multiplayer server with the Bukkit plugin "mcMMO" enabled. That way you can increase your unarmed level to enable you to disarm other players when you hit them using your bare fist.

How did bombs effect people in the blitz?

Destroyed buildings, killed and wounded people. The threat of being bombed at night required that cities have all lights turned off, and people either built simple bomb shelters, or slept in the underground subway system.