What are the pika's predators?

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Some of the Pika's predators are: bobcats, coyotes, eagles, hawks, foxes, and weasel's.
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What are predators?

Predators are any animals that hunt and eat otheranimals ( prey ). There are some plants , such asthe Venus Fly Trap, that eat bugs. Humans are predators, and ourpets are. Sometimes we are the prey, such as with tigers, lions andcrocodiles. predators are psychologically very tiny animals. They (MORE)

What is predation?

Predation is an interaction in which one organism captures anotherand feeds on the captured organism. An animal that consumes another animal is a predator , andthe animal consumed is the prey . predetation is when an animal eats another animal.

What is a predator?

A predator is an animal that hunts another animals, for food. Here are a few examples: 1. Lions are a predator to Zebras. 2. Whale sharks are a predator to Plankton. 3. Wolves are a predator to Moose. 4. Cobras are a predator to Mice. The term was coined in 1840 to described insects that (MORE)

What is predator?

a predator is an animal that hunts or eats a smaller animal than itself. for example, the wolf is the predator and it hunts the bunny which is the prey.

What is predatation?

Predatation is when one species is killed by another. In the ocean for example is when a baracuda eats a clownfish.

Do ostriches have predators?

The predators that ostriches have usually go after the eggs forfood. These would include vultures, mongoose and jackals. As theostriches grows, they gain other predators such as hyenas,cheetahs, lions, African wild dogs and leopards.

Do pufferfish have predators?

Biologists think pufferfish, developed their famous "inflatability"because their slow, somewhat clumsy swimming style makes themvulnerable to predators. In lieu of escape, pufferfish use theirhighly elastic stomachs and the ability to quickly ingest hugeamounts of water (and even air when necessary) (MORE)

What are a horse's predators?

Horse behavior is best understood from the perspective that horses are prey animals with a well-developed fight-or-flight instinct. Their first response to a threat is to flee, although they are known to stand their ground and defend themselves or their offspring in cases where flight is not (MORE)

What are the predators of the cougar?

Humans are the cougar's main predators. In the wild, cougars willoften compete with other predators such as jaguars, bears, wolves,wolverines, alligators, and other cougars for food and territory. The cougar does not have any predators, although it sometimesfights jaguars, bears, and wolves for food (MORE)

Who are predators to manatees?

Some manatee calves can be preyed on by crocodiles, alligators and sharks but their only significant predator is man. Recreational boat propellers account for many manatee injuries and deaths.

What are the cassowary's predators?

The adult cassowary has no natural predators. Its eggs havepredators such as lizards and white rats. . The biggest danger to the Cassowary today is introduced speciessuch as domestic and wild dogs. eral pigs destroy their nests andcompete with the cassowary for food. The greatest threat comes from (MORE)

Do elephants have predators?

Yes. There predators are lions and people Generally, adults can fend off lions, but a young or baby can be killed by a pride of lions.So I would have to say it is lions and humans.

What are a rhea's predators?

Unknown.... but Rhea chicks are threatened by many predators!!! . Unknown.... but Rhea chicks are threatened by many predators!!!

What are the crab's predators?

A crab's predators are halibut, dogfish, sculpins, octopus, otters,sea turtles, and maybe even other species of crabs. Humans consumeabout one and a half million tons of crab, annually.

What are seahorses predators?

The predators of seahorses can include crabs, stingray, differenttypes of fish like tuna. Human also harvest them for medicinalpurposes. Seahorses are tiny fish that have the scientific name ofHippocampus.

What is the top predator?

There is not. There are lot, like the shark, bear, loin, but I think the TOP one is a shark. NOTHING eats them.exept human

What are Piranhas predators?

The Mexican walking fish Toilet water makes them kill there selves. Humans are number one, but there are so many others. Crocodiles, Larger Fish, turtles, otters, birds, and even piranhas are just a few of the predators of a piranha. It is hard to beleive,but it is true.

What do predators do?

predators eat consumer or hebivores or other animals or plants , and preators are on the top of a energy pryimad or a food chain or maybe a food web even predators may eat humans like u

Where is the pika's habitat?

Pika habitat (for the American pika) is in rocky slopes of mountains called Talus. Pika are found at above or around 10,000 ft elevation. They can be found at lower altitudes further north, however this has to be in cooler locations because it is easy for pika to overheat. They also move to higher g (MORE)

Is a predator is always a predator?

No. A predator is not always is a predator. They eventually die. While alive they tend to be what they are. A mountain lion will always be hungry for it's next meal. It is the nature of that animal.

What are specialist predator and a generalist predator?

A specialist predator feeds ona specific type of prey. For example, the numbat of Australia lives within a limited range of far western Australia, and feeds almost exclusively on termites. A generalist predator has a much wider variety of prey. For example, a raccoon can adapt to a variety of (MORE)

Why is a predator a predator?

A predator is normally an animal that feeds on its prey. Like the predator, for example a snake, feeds on its prey, a mouse. A predator is the hunter, and the prey is the one, sadly, eaten. Or: Because they were hungry!

Name of predator in predator 2?

The name of the Predator character in Predator 2 is Argonaut. The name of the actor who interpreted the monster in Predator 2 is Kevin Peter Hal l.

What are predators of hares?

foxes, wolfs, some sea creatures, cats, big cats, big birds, mink, man, coyotes, snakes, cougars, i think raccoons and opossums.

Do alpacas have predators?

Alpacas are prey animals with very few defenses against predators. They can stomp small animals with their front feet and they can spit their stomach contents (bile soaked grass, Yuck!) at an enemy. Common predators against alpacas are coyotes, cougars, mountain lions, and bears.

Who is the eagles predator?

Golden eagle's predators are mountain lions and leopards. Bald eagle's predators are mountain lions and alligators. Harpy eagle's predators are jaguars, mountain lions, tree pythons,and boa constrictors. Philippine eagle's predators are pythons.

Who are orcas predaters?

Orcas are considered apex predators meaning they are at the top of the food chain so besides the threat that humans pose, the orca has no predators.

Does a sponge have a predator?

They only have a few predators due to their elaborate skeletalframework and noxious chemicals. Angelfish and hawk-billed seaturtles are the main two

Are chameleons predators?

Yes - they will actively seek out their prey (insects) - as well as lying in wait for prey to come to them.

What is the cougar's predator?

Cougars are top predators, so they are at the top of the foodchain. Top predators have few competitors or natural enemies.However, wolves and bears are also top predators. Because Cougars,bears, and wolves share the same habitat, they can compete and killeach other if food is scarce.

Are quolls predators?

Yes, quolls are predators. They belong to a group of animals known as the dasyurids , which are carnivorous marsupials. Quolls prey on smaller mammals and marsupials, birds, lizards and smaller snakes.

What is a predator from the movie predator?

A predator is a fictional extraterrestrial species. Predators are large sapient and sentient humanoid creatures possessing advanced technology such as active camouflage. They are capable of interstellar travel. They call themselves "Yautja".

Do gastropods have predators?

Gastropods (literally stomach foot), or slugs and snails, are eaten by such creatures as thrushes (which smash them onto rocks). Frogs are one of the main predators for slugs and snails, but beetles, hedgehogs and shrews will all eat them - to name just a few.

Are dinosaurs predators?

Some dinosaurs were predators and some were herbivores. Some dinosaurs were eaten by other dinosaurs, so, of course, not every dinosaur was a predator (some were prey). Also, some were also scavengers and ate dead animals . .

What is the elk's predator?

The most common predators of the magnificent elk are canine relatedanimals such as wolves, coyotes, and wild dogs. Humans are alsoconsidered to be predators of elk.

Are cuttlefish predators?

Cuttlefish are actually part of the cephalopod family (Animalia Cephalopoda Sepiida Sepiidae) and all cephalopods are carnivorous (so, yes!).

What are predators of an elephants?

Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth. They don't have any natural predators that can attack a full grown elephant. However, In Africa lions and packs of hyenas have been known to attack an injured or extremely old elephant or an elephant calf that has strayed away from its herd. In Asia, (MORE)

What are the brachiosaurus predators?

A full grown Brachiosaurus would have no predators, because of its great size. However babies and juveniles would have been the perfect prey for a pack of Allosaurus.

What is a goldfish's predator?

Goldfish are omnivores and cannibals so other larger goldfish canbe predators to your smaller goldfish. Other predators include carpand koi. Non-swimming predators can include raccoons or house cats. Only place goldfish into an aquarium with other similar-sizedgoldfish. Having a deep enough and wid (MORE)

Is the meerkat a predator?

Yes. They pull insects out of the ground to eat them. They can eveneat scorpions, tail and all since they are immune to their venom.They even sometimes kill snakes. They are not, however, at the topof the food chain, and are sometimes eaten by birds of prey.

What predator eats other predators?

Predators that eat other predators are called secondary consumers or tertiary consumers. Secondary consumers are predators that eat predators that feed on autotrophs. Tertiary consumers feed on secondary consumers.

Are apex predators super predators?

Yes, apes predators are super predators. Apex predators can kill any other predators using stealth surprise attacks! Apex predators are extremely smart, fast, powerful, big, stealthy and silent killers.