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What are the predators of the black browed albatross?

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seals, sharks, giant petrels and man(food & fishing)
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What are the black-footed ferrets predators?

Black-footed ferrets face threats in the wild from predators and disease, natural enemies includes coyotes, great-horned owls, golden eagles, prairie falcons, badgers, bobcats

What is a black panthers predators?

A black panthers predators can be lions, tigers, other big cats,  pythons & anacondas, alligators, and most of all, mankind.

What predators do the Black Howler Monkey?

This question makes no sense. You dont make any sense idiot, the predators are:JaguarElephantRattle SnakePeopleForest FiresHarpy Eagle

How do you defeat mr black in predators?

First,just try to attack him and then run when you're low health,use the stick or the Razor to kill the dogs around you,try the night vision mode to spot Him when he's cloaked

What are black skimmer predator and prey?

The black skimmer eats crustaceans on the waters surface, shrimp, and fish including herring, killfish, mullet, and pipefish. The black skimmer can get eaten by sharks, sealio

What predators eat black rhinos?

Beacause of its size nothing will attack and adult, although a nile crocodile, hyena, or lion may try to make a meal out of a calf or sub-adult.

What are the Black Widow Spider's predators?

there predators are birds, anolis lizards, and jumping spiders when they mate the female will kill the male and eat him -bryan300 any Q talk 2 me at my home pg at roblox.com g

What is albatrosses?

An Albatross - is a large sea-bird, that spends most of its life flying.

Do black widow spiders have predator?

No. Female black Widow Spiders, are about twice the size of males. And females have a symbol, on the back of their lower abdomen, which looks much like an hourglass. And fem

Predator of American black bear?

Nothing is the Predator of the Black Bear. Except humans to get rid of them when they cause massive destruction.. Nothing is the Predator of the Black Bear. Except humans to