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The pulse can be felt in several locations on the body.
  • The radial pulse point is on the thumb side of the inner surface of the wrist.
  • The brachial artery pulse point is on the inner medial surface of the elbow, at the antecubital space (crease of elbow).
  • The carotid pulse felt in the carotid artery of the neck when pressure is applied.
  • The femoral point, located midway in the groin.
  • The Dorsalis Pedis on the instep of the foot and the Popliteal at the back of the knee.
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How many pulse points are there in the body?

20 pulse points total not counting the feeling the heart beat through the chest   External Maxillary(2) Superficial Temporal (2) Brachial (4) Ulnar (2) Radial (2)

Where are the pulse point in infants?

  It is usually easiest to find the brachial pulse under the bicep, in the arm. The carotid pulse can be a little tricky, but if you can see it, you can get the rate visua

What are pulse points?

Pulse points are places on your body where your arteries are so close to the surface that you can feel your pulse. The easiest to find pulse points are the brachial (inside of

Which is the strongest pulse point?

The strongest pulse point is the neck. This is where the carotid artery is. That is why the pulse is so strong, the artery is huge and has a large amount of blood.

Artery used as a pulse point?

Several arteries are used as pulse points including: The radial artery (Lat.: A. Radialis) on the underside of a persons wrist is often used, because of its easy accessibili
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Where are the 10 pulse points?

The 10 pulse points or pressure points:: 1. The external maxillary 2. The superficial temporal 3. The carotid 4. The brachial 5. The ulnar 6. The radial 7. The f