What are the purpose of writing?

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To teach you how to be a good writer.
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What are the purposes for writing?

There are so many purposes for writing. Writing is a form ofcommunication. Some might write to send messages through letters toothers.

What is a purpose writing?

The type that helps you to show your point and why it's best; better than the rest. . to entertain . to inform . to explain . to prove a point of view

What is the author's purpose in writing The Giver?

to show that some towns are different then regular towns and some people dont get to have as much expeirence as us. Also it shows us how a Utopian society can be imperfect. P.

The three main purposes for writing are?

The purpose's are to entertain , persuade , and to inform . An entertaining purpose would be a fiction book like Brown Bear by Eric Carl, or one of the books in the Tw

When writing an expository essay what is your purpose for writing?

To expose. As you can see in the root of the word, expository, itself. In layman's terms, it's basically to tell the reader about a problem or something interesting that he

What is the purpose of writing medieval writings?

Aside from the sheer fun of it, writing in medieval language teaches you the origins of some of the English language (and other languages). It also lets others know that you a