What are the requirements for confirmation?

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One must be Baptized, receive Holy Communion, & confess their sins.
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What is required for a confirmation?

Confirmation age is normally around the child's Sophomore year of school. You need a Catholic sponsor, do a certain amount of community service, attend church, attend the conf

What is required for a worthy confirmation?

Roman Catholic Answer You must be a baptized Catholic. You should have made your First Holy Communion. There are some eastern Rites that Baptize and Confirm infants at the sa

What does the sacrament of confirmation require of you?

All covenants should be made before conformation. The ordinance of confirmation is to confirm a person a member of the church, at which service a blessing is pronounced upon t

What are the requirements for preparing for a Roman Catholic Confirmation?

Step 1 . Study the faith regularly, read the Holy Bible and learn about the lives of the saints. These things will help enhance and support what you are learning in the forma

What is required for a worthy reception of the confirmation?

To receive confirmation one must have been baptized into the Catholic Church, have received their first communion, have recently been to confession, and have taken the classes
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Who requires lab confirmation of herpes infections?

Sometimes laboratory evidence of herpes is needed to confirm the diagnosis. For example, herpes can be devastating to a newborn baby or a person with a weakened immune system.
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What is required for the reception of Confirmation in the Catholic Church?

The answer varies from Diocese to Diocese but generally speaking: a person must be a Baptized Christian, receive both the sacraments of Holy Communion and Reconciliation and b
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Senate confirmation of a presidential appointment requires?

According to Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the USConstitution: He(the President) shall have the Power, by and with the Adviceand Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties