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What are the requirements to get into Lawrence Technological University?

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Screw this school. Only idiots and low life students go to this school.
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What is the ranking of Auckland university of technology in the world?

Recognising these achievements, The Times Higher World University Rankings (released in November 2007) recently ranked the university as: 50th in the world's top universitie

Why is technology universal?

Well, almost universal. There are groups such as the Amish in USA who eschew modern technologies, and possibly similar ones in other countries. However, technological advances

What is the Swinburne University of Technology?

If you're after some information on their rankings then you can find all these details the related link below Swinburne is well known for providing practical and hands-on edu

Advantages and disadvantages of studying at a university of technology?

Your advantage of studying at a University of Technology is that your degree will be a technical degree. This means that your degree will be much more focused than if you were

What is the difference between a university and a technology institute?

The Difference is the Area of Educational Emphasis   Universities such as Harvard, Yale, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Tulane and Texas tend to concentrate primarily, but not exc