What are the roles of bacteria in dairy industry?

Answer: They are used in dairy products such as yogurt and cheese
Cattle have bacteria in their rumen which allows them to digest grasses and other cellulose
They are used in medicine (growing antibiotics) which can be given to cattle
Dairy farmers sometimes collect and treat manure with bacteria to release methane which they use for heating their barns.
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Important roles of bacteria include?

Decomposition  Significance in commercial products such as  cheese and yogurt  Nitrogen fixation 
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What is the role of bacteria in lichens?

Novanet ---------- They provide for nitrogen   Algae in lichens provide for food, fungi help retain minerals and  water, and bacteria provide nitrogen.
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What role does bacteria play in nature?

Bacteria are involved in oxygen and food production, environment recycling and cleanup, and in health maintenance and medicine production
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Is ozone used in dairy industry?

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