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What are the roles of bacteria in dairy industry?

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Answer: They are used in dairy products such as yogurt and cheese
Cattle have bacteria in their rumen which allows them to digest grasses and other cellulose
They are used in medicine (growing antibiotics) which can be given to cattle
Dairy farmers sometimes collect and treat manure with bacteria to release methane which they use for heating their barns.
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What is the role of bacteria in lichens?

Novanet ---------- They provide for nitrogen   Algae in lichens provide for food, fungi help retain minerals and  water, and bacteria provide nitrogen.

What is bacterias role in the ecosystem?

Bacteria play an important role in the global ecosystem in the water and out on land as the cycle of nutrients (carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur) is completed with their work. The

What are the roles of microbes in dairy industry?

in dairy industry the microorganisms are used to make fermented milk products and also used to increase flavour,good aroma , souring of milk

What is the role of intestinal bacteria?

these bacteria live in the intestine . they secrete a special enzyme which help in digestions in result they get small amount of food from our intestine

Which country is famous for dairy industry?

The Netherlands.

What role does bacteria play in nature?

Bacteria are involved in oxygen and food production, environment recycling and cleanup, and in health maintenance and medicine production

What is major role of butaphosphan in dairy animals?

butaphosphan provides the organic phosphorus to the body butaphosphan is the main component of ATPbutaphosphan influences almost all the biological process in the bodybotapho

What is role of rhizobium bacteria?

Rhizobia are soil bacteria whose role is fixing nitrogen after establishing inside root nodules(roots of plants) of legumes (Fabaceae). Rhizobia require a plant host; they can

What roles do bacteria play in the environment?

Bacteria and other microbes play the important role in environment of DECOMPOSERS, which act in the last stage of food chain. These microorganisms like bacteria cause the brea

What is the importance of bacteria in the food industry?

The aim of the project is increasing our understanding of 1) key properties of lactic acid bacteria that are important for food production 2) mechanisms for survival and growt

How does bacteria help in leather industry?

Bacteria decompose fats found on the skin of animals. Hairs can be easily separated due to this and the leather is ready for use.

What is the role bacteria in the nitrogen cycle?

Actually nitrogen exist in the atmosphere in dinitrogen (N2) form and cannot be utilized directly. As such bacteria help in converting atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia which

Is ozone used in dairy industry?

The answer is yes, but it is not common. The ozone is used as a substitute for chemicals such as Copper Sulfate. Ozone is a great disinfectant and is not damaging if done in t