What are the safe dating sites?

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There really are no safe sites. Your just have to be carefull and look for fake people. If it looks like your being hacked, get off or get a new password.
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Is this site safe?

Wiki Answers can be safe, as long as no one writes anything that isn't appropriate for kids. (Believe me, I would know, I'm only 10, and I love to get my questions answered on

Is this a safe site?

I do not think this is a safe site! random people can just give out answers that might not be right... SO PLEASE don't use the website!! Be cautious when using Answers.com.

How can you determine an online dating site is safe?

There is no practical use to depend on companies or organizations to keep you safe--you have to do the due diligence yourself. So, make sure you meet in a safe place with othe

Is there a safe dating site for a 13 year old girl?

Probably not. In my opinion, it is always better to meet people the old-fashioned way, or if you have a facebook, talk to friends of your friends. You will find a relationship

Is there a supersecret safe dating site for teens?

No, there is not. In the first instance, teenagers are too young to use dating sites so there is no market for such a site. Secondly, dating sites involve handing out personal

Where are some safe sites at?

I'm not so sure.. I ask myelf that queston a lot :D, but there are some okay sites out there I guess... Like Wizzard101. It's very safe. For families and anyone.

Is gold4rs. com a safe site?

Yes it is. Belive me, it is. it even gets a virus on your computer so that there are ads about gold4rs on every webpage you go to so dont!!#@#@!#@!#

Is there a safe dating site for teens?

There are NO safe dating sites on the world wide web. Mavenrestin.com and Trevorspace.com are the only teen dating sites. As for safety, that is in the eye of the beholder.

How safe is the average internet dating site?

Internet dating can be safe if some basic safety rules are applied. Never exchange personal information before you meet, always meet in a busy area and do remember to tell a f
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How safe are completely free dating sites?

Completely free dating sites can be extremely alarming. However, many free dating sites provide a service typically categorized as "VIP" for a monthly or annual fee. This type