If have sex 2nd day after period is it safe?

You should be alright. there is a slim chance of pregnancy but after your period up till around 7days after theres less chance. so don't worry wait until you come on your peri

Is it safe having sex on last days of menstruation period?

  um, i would have to say always use a condom, because sperm can survive, what a week, or so. i was planning my pregnancy and my husband and i had intercourse the day he l

It if safe to have sex with girl after the day she have her period?

  A woman can only get pregnant when she is ovulating and her egg is in the exact right spot. I have been told that ovulation happens anywhere from day 7-17 (Day 1 would b

Is it safe to have sex the day after your period?

Its not best to have unprotected sex after your cycle ovulation starts between days 12-16 if you have a 28 day cycle, and sperm can live in your cervical mucus 5 to 7 days. to

Is it safe to have sex when you are having periods?

They say that blood can get pushed back into your fallopian tubes and cause problems, but this is rare. In most cases, it's perfectly safe, as long as you don't mind the mess.

Is having sex a day after menstruation safe?

  Answer   If you mean is it unlikely that you will conceive, yes. If you mean is it guaranteed that you won't conceive, then no, it isn't safe. The best way to pinp

What is the safe period for having sex?

Day ONE and day TWO of your menstrual cycle (day 1 being your first day of bleeding) are the safest days to have sex without becoming pregnant. On day three the chance of co
Is sex on the day of the period safe?

Is sex on the day of the period safe?

Sex the day your period starts is probably safe, let's not stop using BC just in case. The chance of pregnancy resulting from unprotecting intercourse day one and two of you

Is having sex with period is safe?

Yes, perfectly safe.  During menstruation it is biologically impossible to get pregnant (no egg present) however women can still be fertile during menstruation (cervical mucus
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What are the safe days of having sex?

For girls......before the time of her period and after, there are no such things as safe days but more like safe times......you'll know when it is right.If you want to have se
Is it safe if you have sex in the first day of periods?

Is it safe if you have sex in the first day of periods?

With a condom or birth control it's safe but without a condom you can still get pregnant even if you are on your period. Without a condom, removal of the uterus, or birth cont