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Graviola is a small tree which is used to make medicines. It is used to treat infections, herpes, coughs and cancer. Graviola is however extremely unsafe; it has been known to kill nerve cells, and cause movement disorders.
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What is the name of graviola fruit in Telugu?

Rama Phalam is the Telugu name for Graviola..which is the best cure for cancer..it belongs to the same species of Custard Apple..which is known as Seethaphal in Telugu...

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Can the graviola tree treat ovarian cancer?

I think I saw a special news report on the success of this treatment option a few years ago. They said it was very exciting news but that they were afraid they would drive the

What is graviola called in hindi?

Katak. Here both 'a's have the pronounciation as 'o' in 'come'. It grows mainly in South India, size little smaller than Kathal, good for cancer patients. It belongs to th

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How long does it graviola to cure cancer?

There is currently no evidence that graviola can cure cancer in  humans. Many companies that sell it recommend it for curing cancer,  but there are no reputable cancer studi