What are the side effects of snorting bath salt?

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Side effects of improper use (i.e. snorting, smoking, or ingesting) of bath salts include:

Dizziness and vomiting
Profuse sweating
Agitation and paranoia
Increased heart rate and chest pains
Suicidal thoughts
Panic attacks and psychosis

There are so many articles on the internet warning of the dangers of new "high". These are not normal bath salts (they are also marketed as plant food) and have been designed to act in a manner similar to crack cocaine.

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What are the side effects of snorting Seroquel?

Answer It could kill you. Don't do it. It is a central nervous system depressent and has been linked to diabetes. It is an excellent drug to treat schizophrenia and bipolor disorder, but should not be abused. See a psychologist to treat your addictions. Only the people that take a high does everyda (MORE)

What are the side effects of snorting Adderall?

First off, my name is jub and i have been on adderall for about 3 years. I started off just using it for my adhd but then i started taking more than i was supposed to and i became addicted. I would snort 2-3 20mg adderall every 3-4 hours. The side affects vary. It gives you the same initial feeling (MORE)

What side effect will salt give you?

Answer . 1. it will make you thursty 2. it will cause temporary weight gain (water load) 3. IF! you are among the half the population that is salt sensitive, it will raise your BP.

What are the side effects of snorting pain killers?

Answer . you turn gay . Answer . well depending on mg and suggested dose you could grow a penis (if you have one you'll get another one) or worst case you're nose will start bleeding and in approximately 10min 45.7 secs you'll die sources: my secound penis just sprouted

Side effects of snorting gabapentin?

1) It produces psychoactive effects that cause it to have potentialfor recreational use. Even in low doses, gabapentin causessensations of reduced acute pain and reduced anxiety. Larger dosescan cause the user to become numb and even fully insensate.Tolerance to gabapentin occurs extremely rapidly w (MORE)

Side effects of snorting percocet?

The side effects of snorting percocet are the same as if you injested them. The only other differ from eating them and snorting them is that most come with acetimenophine (tylenol) and with that it burns like hell the first line you do. And it doesnt taste very good.

What are the side effects of snorting gabapentin?

\nThis drug makes you unable to answer this question. That is why there is not any true definitions available online atm. The state of uphoria that comes along with snorting it disables any ability to define anything, you are just OK and fine with it in nature.

What are the side effects of snorting Flexeril?

This is actually the very first thing I tried snorting, several years ago. I recently tried it again and found the exact same results, if not worse. . When I snorted it, the first line went down smooth. But, before I could get to the second line, my entire head felt like it was stuffed full of som (MORE)

What are the side effects of snorting Oxycontin?

The side effects of Oxycontin(controlled-release oxycodone) are varying. If you use Oxycontin once, the side effects are amazing, a warm blanket of euphoria you may have never thought possible. One in the same, this is the devastating side effect. If you enjoy using after your first try you will mos (MORE)

What are the side effects of snorting Benadryl?

I regretted snorting benadryl! I snorted about one capsule. After the initial burn that encompassed my sinuses and scalp went away, my nose and sinuses became very dry and painful! This discomfort lasted over an hour. My nose still feels very dried out the next day.I don't recommend it!

What are the side effects of snorting Tylenol?

Do not snort any pills that you swallow, it can damage your lungs. Suppositories are ok. Google snorting Tylenol you will screw up your nose and lungs due to the filler in them and they will not breakdown. Only an 1D10T would do this. Get a life.

What are the side effects of snorting Ritalin?

\neuphoria, chilling, tripping, being happy, emotional changes, brain function changes, nose bleeding, nasal problems if snorting long term, heart attack, anxiety, and lot more! it depends on dosage and that was not meant to snort! i hope u understand! good luck.

What are the Side effects of snorting adderall while on methadone?

Methadone is a opiate similar to heroin or morphine, although the effects of it are slightly different. In fact methadone is used to wean heroin addicts off the drug. Adderall on the other hand is a stimulant similar to amphetamine (adderall is amphetamine salt). heavy drug users will sometimes do w (MORE)

What are the side effects of snorting citalopram?

1. Your nose burns for about an hour 2. It feels as if your throat is swollen 3. You'll spend at least a day constantly blowing your nose - Overall, there are little to no effects from snorting citalopram. You may feel a bit more mellow, but that is about it. I would not recommend it.

What is wrong with snorting bath salt?

Bath Salts is just a normal thing you use in your bath. It may be just going in your bath but if you snort it you will make you go crazy & eat someone.. DONT DO IT

What is the side effect of snorting bliss concentrated bath salts?

it makes the user very horny, you want to make love to everything you see. it also makes your bumhole very loose and you can not hold in your poo. ^---far from it. actually it increases your heart rate rapidly. sometimes makes you sweat. hands may become clammy. dry mouth. paranoia. jittery. (MORE)

What is the side effect of snorting pain pills?

As someone who does this on the regular (ill snort about 15 percosets at a time) and doing plenty of research i can tell u that the desired effect is that it will break down the active ingredient (oxycodone) from the regular extended relase dose and allow you to receive it all at once, which cuases (MORE)

What are the effects of white rush bath salts?

if you shoot it you get an incredible rush do this by adding water and cooking till it disapears then you get real high and slightly paranoid depending on who u are and then you try and drive and talk on phone to everyone in world and run red lights and make other various mistakes until u find yours (MORE)

What are the side effects of White Rush bath salt?

Various people report, inability to sleep for several days, unbearable headaches, lack of coordination, inability to move, paralysis lasting for several days, severe dehydration, and possible death.

How do you stop bath salt effects?

you cant buddy no one can its bad but you just have to stay up for about 24 - 48 hrs or more depending on how much you did or how your body reacts to it ..... i cant sleep and work is coming again .. its o k though tough that crap out and never touch that ballyhoo again . like me don't do it ever ag (MORE)

Can snorting bath salt kill you?

Yes they certainly can. Bath salts were intended to scent bath water not smoke, inject, snort, or any other way that leads to bodily ingestion. Two weeks ago a normally healthy 21 yr old female choose to try the latest trend. She injected bath salts using a needle after a friend who had hepatitis (MORE)

What are the side effects of snorting comet or Ajax?

it's a sudden rush which I dont reccomend, your mind and your world spins faster and your mucus membranes do melt eventually. You can even stop smelling but snorting ajax melts your brain cells and can lead to a sudden death or overdose. Of course, nothing really happend to me because I stopped in t (MORE)

What are the side effects of snorting Altoids?

Altoids consist primarily of sugar, with small amounts of flavoring as well as gelatin to give structure. Snorting Altoids can cause the same problems as snorting any other powder, namely nasal irritation, bleeding, damage to the mucous membranes and even sinus infections. Altoids do not contain sti (MORE)

How do you treat A sore mouth from SNORTING bath salts?

Why you would want to put something in your body that is essentially a poison is beyond sanity. Get help, stop destroying your body. If people tell you that the damage caused by bath salts is exaggerated, they are just lying to themselves. You are causing brain damage and permanently damaging your o (MORE)

What are the side effects in injecting bath salt?

Bath salts make you nuts because it numb the frontal lobes of ur brain it also has fifteen harmful chemicals in it you could go into cardiac arrest very quickly from snorting or injection will absolutely kill you faster within seconds

Is sweating a side effect of snorting bath salts?

number one: snorting bath salts is not a great thing to do, don't try it again !! number two: it's a healthy thing to sweat so it could be because of exercise or something. number three: defiantly speak to a doctor or someone with experience, it could be more serious than you think !!

What are the side effects of snorting cat litter?

Oh my goodness! Why on earth would u ever want to snort cat litter! Yuck!! The side effects can be racing heart beat, sinus infection, lung damage, heart damage, respiratory complications, and even death!! DO NOT sniff cat litter!!

Is there a homeopathic cure for snorting bath salts?

There may be a remedy for that. It could be the remedy Anacardium. Of course I'm not supporting the use of bath salts in any way and the answer to this question may be wrong although this remedy has many similarities to bath salt symptoms. The cure for bath salts, is to avoid them in the first place (MORE)

Can a person get high just by crushing and snorting calgon bath salts?

no! although the name of the drug is "bath salts" it is NOT the stuff you buy at bed bath and beyond. Bath salt is the street name for a drug. the drug isnt sold in stores, well most stores that is, certain places will have code names that you have to ask at the register (ex. ivory dove ultra deluxe (MORE)

What are the effects of bath salts on pregnancy?

None. There are many myths about home made pregnancy tests but they are all fake and does not work. Bath salt can not pick up on pregnancy hormones in urine. If you wonder if you can put bath salt in the tub while pregnant - yes you can.