What are the side effects of synthetic cocaine?

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Psychotic behavior, hallucinations, increased heart rate, cardiovascular collapse, chest pain, paranoia, agitation, increased blood pressure, delusions, inability to get erect, and decreased penis size for males.
These side effects can last from hours to days, because of how potent the drug is. It is stronger than actual cocaine so only a small amount is needed to get the desired affect, however users don't know this and hundreds of people are overdosing and becoming hospitalized. There are cases of death, as well as people who have to be hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals because their behavior has lasted for more than a couple days.
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What are the effects of cocaine?

Cocaine is a stimulant that effects the central nervous system,giving users a quick, intense feeling of Euphoria, power and energy mostly resulting in addiction. A list of effects of taking cocaine is given below. . Elevates heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, and bodytemperature. . (MORE)

What are the side effects of cocaine use during pregnancy?

The so-called "crack baby epidemic" was an invention of drug war propagandists to justify the war against drugs. While it may be safely assumed that cocaine is not good for pregnant women or their babies, there is no evidence that the crack use alone caused any lasting harm to these children.. As o (MORE)

Can cocaine effect the ear?

Answer . It can affect everything. It causes a state of paranoia, so it could be that too. Just DO NOT do it!!!! It kills, it ruins the skin, eyes, voice, everything.

How does cocaine effect you?

Cocaine affects your nerve system and it can also affect your brain. cocaine breaks the connections between your nerves. also it kills your brain cells.

What are the side effects of mixing Strattera and cocaine?

Answer . Since Strattera is not a stimulant like Ritalin or Adderal (Strattera is a Selective Neurotonin Reputake Inhibitor), I don't think there would be any life threatening effects. I've personal combined the two and I felt that the cocaine's effects may have been slightly muted by the Strattera (MORE)

Do synthetic fibers have health side effects?

Yes they do actually. The side affects are uncomfertable skin. Which means that since synthetic fibers have a toxin in them that makes your skin ver uncomfertable. Like on a very hot day that has no wind at all. By the way this was written by a 10 year old. Pretty impressive huh?

What are the side effects of cocaine?

getting high. and damaging the respiratory system. These goys obviously have not tried Cocaine whereas I myself have personally tried Cocaine quite a few times and must say that there are many good sides. 1. Strong feelings of Euphoria. 2. Changes in your psyche/perception/conscience mind. 3 (MORE)

What are the good sides of cocaine?

First of all there are no good sides to Cocaine. The effect ofthe drug puts you on top of the world, but what goes up must comedown,You come down much harder than goin up,This is a veryaddictive drug . Once you start it's hard to stop take it from aman with experience, Good luck finding a good side (MORE)

What is the Social effects of cocaine use?

using cocine not only effects the user him/her self but also family, friends and other people in relation to the addict. it gets people out of their job and recks their lives iwould suggest not taking cociane or crack at all Say NO! and kids be cool and stay in school !!! Gavin Soper

What are the Cocaine side effects and mood changes?

Cocaine is an extremely powerful drug. The high from it makes you feel so good, which is why it is very easy to become hooked on it! . While on cocaine, you will feel very open and talkative. You will feel good in a way that is hard to describe unless you have experienced a coke high before, which (MORE)

Side effects for coming off cocaine?

my name is Jeff and i am coming off crack 8 years and coke 3 years i used coke to get off crack, now i am coming off coke and let me say its the fillings i get all day are seriusly hard to deal with, small panic attacks, dizzyness, head tingles, bleard vision ,paranoa when talking 2 people and a fil (MORE)

How long do the effects from cocaine last?

on average cocaine high lasts about 2 to 3 hours. if taken in a average dosage, cocaine wont have any permanent alterations to your systems. however, it can stay inside your system for more than 2 weeks. on average cocaine high lasts about 2 to 3 hours. if taken in a average dosage, cocaine wont ha (MORE)

What are the Side effects of cocain?

The side effects of cocaine are so many to the systems of the body.Cocaine is known to have severe side effects on the nervous systemwhich limits its ability to function properly.

What are cocaine effects?

Cocaine effects are extremely detrimental on the body and the consequences related to cocaine effects can eventually lead to permanent damage, addiction and death. While each person who uses this drug reacts to it differently, there are two distinct categories of cocaine effects: short-term effects (MORE)

How do you make synthetic cocaine?

Well i do it this way / put orajel on on a cookie sheet About a whole tube of it make sure on the back it sais it has benzocaine If so empty out the tube on to a cookie sheet put it in a preheated oven at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit For 15 mins. Then take out the cookie sheet and scrape the orajel (MORE)

What is the effect of mixing cocaine with antibiotics?

You should be safe. The only major interaction I'm aware of is between alcohol and Metronidazole - this combo will either make you puke savagely or trip out very uncomfortably, with major restlessness, mild dissociation, confusion, and absolutely no redeeming features(I've done this twice, (MORE)

Which organs does cocaine effect?

Mainly . The central nervous system (makes you more alert and feeling good, by blocking the reuptake of catecholamines such as dopamine and norepinephrine), . The heart (speeds up the heart rate and may cause an irregular rhythm) and . The vascular system (constricts the blood vessels).

Is methylphenidate like a synthetic cocaine?

No, despite the street name sometimes given "kiddy cocaine" it is a totally different chemical however when crushed up and snorted it produces similar effects to cocaine but it is less full on.

What are the side effects of mixing cocaine and phentermine?

Both are central nervous stimulators. Both increase blood pressure and heart rate. Mixing the two may cause heart failure, internal bleeding due to blood pressure rate increase to high, fainting, death so on. Just not a good idea... Not recommend to mix.

What are the effects of mixing cocaine and Roxicodone?

there are no known contraindications causing significant health risk in the combination of these two drugs. however, both are powerful chemicals, and both cause dramatically different effects, so taking them both can end up being a very confusing experience to the user. in addition, cocaine is a ver (MORE)

What is the effect of mixing xanax and cocaine?

\nit can be very deadly. Some people have a allergic reaction like I did with this particular combination. I took about 2 bars and when I was about done with an 8ball (3.5grams) it became really hard to talk. Then within five minutes I could not talk or make any sound at all. I had to write on a pie (MORE)

Vyvance more dangerous for cardiac side effect than cocaine?

No; Vyvanse is a prodrug of dextroamphetamine. Dextroamphetamine can in rare cases cause cardiac failure in those with heart defects. Most doctors before prescribing stimulant drugs order heart tests to ensure there is no heart issues that could cause cardiac side effects. When used in proper doses, (MORE)

How do you make synthetic crack cocaine?

bakind soda even bath salt =/ if u chose to cook-a-look-a-like just remember anything you use has to be (white) and u have to let it dry out . the real way the real deal

Is Concerta legalized speed or cocaine What would be the side effects of taking two 36 mg of Concerta?

I'm prescribed concerta and was really behind in a project one night so i decided i double my regualar dosage. I usually take 36 mg and im a bigger guy (i weigh 210lbs) so i figured why not so i took two. It was a mistake... my heart felt like it was about to explode it was beating so much and my b (MORE)

What are the effects of a marijuana synthetic?

Extemelly similar to pot. I use Wicked Spice since it's the best of the like 20 brands I have tried. Try to avoid flavored products as they are harsh. BTW is the site that I buy from.

Are there drugs that counteract the effects of cocaine?

Some studies have pointed to the effectiveness of desipramine (a tricyclic antidepressant) in blunting the symptom of craving. However, the most reliable way to rehabilitate from cocaine addiction/dependence is to enter a detoxification program, followed by rehabilitation program. During the first t (MORE)

What are the effects to cocaine?

How does it make you feel? Coke makes you feel exhilarated, confident, excited and speedy. The buzz lasts for up to an hour. There is an immediate comedown when you might feel you want more. What are the health effects? Because the buzz is so short it can be tempting to put off the comedown b (MORE)

What effect does cocaine have directly on heart?

It speds the heart up and causes increased strain by increasing the blood pressure. It also can cause heart attacks by activating platelts and by injuring the vessel walls. It can cause abnormal heart rhythms which can lead to sudden death.

What are the side effects when you do cocaine and suboxone together?

i've always found suboxone to increase the effects of uppers when taken together. it kind of depends whether or not the suboxones make you speed. it does for me, similar to the speed i got from opiates. so its like the opiate speed mixed with coke (i don't do coke really i prefer adderall but uppers (MORE)

What are they side affects of taking Cocaine?

stimulates the nervous system dilated pupils rise in blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, body temperature stuffy or runny nose insomnia loss of appetite paranoia seizures possible death from cardiac arrest

How does synthetic and plastic effect the environment?

synthetic and plastic are not biodegradable things . during the rainy seasons this plastic and synthetic damage path of waste water and rainy water which may cause calamities like floods , tsunami etc .and may effect environment badly

What are the effects of mixing cocaine and codeine?

The affects of mixing cocaine and codeine are pretty good. I say that because while the cocaine has you kinda geeked , the codeine has you a little slow. So your kind of speedballing, which is a great feeling.You would normally come down bad just off the cocaine but the codeine evens it out and you (MORE)

What are some side effects of mixing cocaine and alcohol?

When alcohol and cocaine are mixed in the body cocaethylene is formed in the liver this remains in the body much longer taxing the organs for an extended period of time and this results in the risk of death being 18 times greater when they are used in combination.

How does cocaine effect your reaction time?

Cocaine is a stimulant. This means that it increases physiologicaland nervous activity within the body. At low doses, usersexperience a temporary enhancement to their hand/eye coordinationand reflexes. As the dose is increased, however, there is a markeddrop in response time. The abnormally large in (MORE)

What is the effect of cocaine on the synapses of the brain?

By using dopamine as a neurotransmitter, cocaine can affect the synapses. Cocaine attaches to the dopamine receptors of the presynaptic membrane. It prevents dopamine re-uptake, causing it to accumulate in the synaptic cleft. As an excitatory psychoactive drug, it amplifies synaptic transmission. Th (MORE)