What are the sign og good and poor management?

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Micro management is a pretty big sign of poor management. A lot depends on the level of the manager. Are they suppose to lead people or manage people? Leaders should have different qualities than managers, for example leaders should inspire and work with the team and set a good example or at least be working for their team to make sure they succeed. Managers are looking more at the direction of the company and how their department or teams should go to achieve those organizational goals.
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What are signs of a poor self image?

Answer . \n"What are signs of a poor self image?"\n. \n. \nCauses of a poor self image\n. \nHow we think about ourselves, our self image, is largely determined by what others have said. The parents play a big role in this, but so do other kids. Remember that when you're young, you're wide open to suggestion (mind programming). \n. \nI'm trying to show you that when you start young enough or gullible enough, you can be made to believe anything. Including that you're stupid, ugly, incompetent, unloveable, incorrigible, etc. And that program tends to stick, especially if you were in an emotional state. \n. \nNow that you're older, you want to get rid of such "programs" which affect you at a subconscious level, often for the rest of your life to some extent. \n. \nIt is highly unlikely your poor self-image came from a single event. Usually many.\n. \nauthor: Loren Parks,\nPsychological Research Foundation, Inc.

Do you think someone could be a good system manager but a poor project manager?

Answer . Answer. First I will say yes. Being a good systems manager does not necessarily mean the individual would be the best fit as a project manager. This depends on the individual, their strengths, weaknesses, how they handle opportunities and threats, expertise and experience, as well as self or group interests. The field of Project Management is a very rapidly growing career path with colleges and universities offering programs of study particular to this field. Thus, it has become a career specialty. In-house employees from senior leadership to front line support staff are not always able to see clearly the beginning to end results, or at least the most appropriate way to realize successful outcomes. So, enter the Project Manager .. So many employees today are working within silos. Silos are those tall tubular structures you see on farms. They are used to store wheat,various kinds of grain, corn, etc. You will notice a silo has no windows, and usually little or no connection with the outside world. This silo effect within organizations today means breakdowns in communication at all levels, a status quo mentality, a "parts" mentality rather then a "whole" mentality, poor management mechanisms, self interest rather than common cause interests, lack of appropriate team building, etc. This is why so many organizations today bring in bright Project Managers from the outside. Their job in-part is to bring all the parts into one whole and working in sync and strict harmony with each other to prevent any mis-alignments, gaps, and disconnects.. Whether working with smaller projects or overall organizational goals and objectives, the Project Manager must gain the trust and confidence of all departments and employees in an effort to bring mutual respect and a common cause mentality. Thus, a systems manager may or may not have the appropriate skills, expertise, or experience that goes into the making of a good Project Manager. I must say there are many more skills that a good Project Manager must possess, however I am attempting to keep this short.. Viper1

How can one get good legal representation when poor?

It is difficult. See this is a huge flaw in the system...the court will appoint you a state defender but they are usually not top notch lawyers..cause why is a top notch lawyer going to work for a govt salary when he/she could make ten times that in private practice...

What are results of poor planning and control of business and management?

Poor planning in business results in setting up inappropriateobjectives for the business model. Inappropriate objects causeorganizations to put their efforts toward goals moving the companyin the wrong direction. Poor planning also accounts for too much ortoo little effort being applied. Poor control in business reducesan organization's ability to take stock of how it is doing, andwhere it can improve. It keeps company's in a constant state offlux, which ultimately causes company's to waste money. Losingmoney leads to bankruptcy or dissolvency.

What is the Impact of poor Workforce Management?

When performance management goes bad it can move an organization down an undesirable path. In the case of the human resource (HR) department, it is highly likely that a common metric to benchmark performance against is one that measures the time-to-hire. By the time the process to get a requisition approved is completed, the manager that requested it is often dealing with pent up demand for a resource and needs to get the position filled quickly. If the time-to-hire is kept short, then the HR department is fulfilling their internal clients' needs. But when thinking about this metric, it's not related to the success of that new employee, nor is it something that would lead to an organization meeting strategic goals unless they were in the recruiting industry. A better measure is one that takes into account the quality of hire. Filling a position only to find some time later that the fit was poor or that there was a lack of adequate training or mentoring to ensure success, can lead to yet another candidate selection process, greatly increasing the true measure of time-to-hire. Other metrics can mislead an organization's decisions too. Turnover can often be calculated organization-wide, but few organizations may understand how the turnover of strategic employee positions compares to their peers in their industry. When short-cuts are taken in the analysis of corporate performance, it can be due to a lack of data but more likely it's a lack of relating the data that exists inside and outside the organization for better analysis. The problem of misguided metrics extends beyond HR departments, but they have a great opportunity to provide metrics to improve employee performance across the organization and help improve the metrics of success used by other departments. For example, there may be a lack of training provided to a procurement manager that may be the cause behind a metric signaling an underperforming supplier. A packaged analytic application with pre-configured content and metrics, or support from a services provider experienced in HR analytics implementations, can help organizations avoid many of the pitfalls that lead to poor performance management. The reality is that most HR analytics capabilities were developed in-house and while they may have met the immediate needs of the HR department, it is less likely these solutions meet the needs of other departments and processes that the HR department doesn't directly oversee, but certainly impacts. It may have appeared to have been cost-effective to build an HR analytics solution in-house at the time such a project was undertaken, but the hidden costs of bad decision-making are difficult to quantify before an IT project is undertaken. Once these bad decisions reach the office of finance the damage could be significant

Signs of poor health?

headache, always tired, lost of appetite, high fever, low or high blood pressure, not wanting to do anything, always sleepy, sleeping more than regular or insomnia, restless red eyes, depressed. if you feel that your health is poor is better to trust your subconsciouses you might be sick and dont even know it. contact your doctor for a physical

Signs and symptoms of poor ventilation?

The signs of symptoms of poor ventilation include dry skin,headache, and nasal congestion. Other symptoms include fatigue,difficulty breathing, itchy eyes, and dry throat.

What is an og?

an O.G> is an original gangster yo you know... an old school gangster who's been around for a while.

Is water a good or poor conductor of electricity?

Water isn't a good conductor of electricity on it's own. Pure water does not conduct electricity but the minerals and other junk within water does. For instance, ( don't try this) pure water in a bath tub will not hold an electrical current but once you put salt in the water (like the salt on a persons skin) electricity will then flow through the water.

Who is a og?

Og was a King mentioned in several books of the bible. In terms of soccer, it is an own goal. It is when a player scores a goal against his own team. It can also be a type of cake, and a creature from Australian folklore.

How do you be good manager?

There's no hard and fast rule - some people respond well to one style of management and others to others. The best advice I can give is to suggest that you are flexible with your treatment of staff but rigid with your rules and values. Set a goal and work towards it and anyone who is not contributing what they need to needs to be sat down privately. Explain to this person what the goals are and explain what they need to do to play their part. If they continue to underachieve, get rid.. The job (role) of a project manager is extremely challenging and thereby exciting. Depending on the organizational structure of your organization, you may be reporting to a functional manager, a program manager, a portfolio manager, or to some other manager or executive. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to work with your team and other relevant individuals and groups, such as program managers and portfolio managers, to bring all the pieces together and make the project happen i.e., to achieve the project objectives. To do this, you need a range of skills and capabilities. They are: . 1. Communication 2. Negotiation 3. Problem Solving 4. Influencing 5. Leadership .

What it means by good or poor conductor of electricity?

i like meant to like conduct electricity and like it depends if its like good or poor so like yea

What are three things that result from poor soil management?

Among many possibilities, three results from poor soil management include pollution (i.e., from excessive or erroneous use of chemicals), erosion (i.e., if the soil cannot support life, than there will not be anything to retain water, either from precipitation or underground sources), and carbon loss (i.e., greenhouse effect).

Why is overdrawing a checking account poor financial management?

Because you are spending more money than you have available, and, theoretically, if you had properly managed your finances, you would have either made sure enough money was available for those things you absolutely had to pay/purchase or you would have made other arrangements concerning your bills so as to prevent overdraft of your account.

What are the symptoms of poor working capital management?

Poor management is reflected by the fact that the holding period of finished products increases, recovery of cash from debtors takes time, the working capital turnover ratio is on a high, short term liquidity position of the company comes below the prescribed ratio of 1:33 and many more other reasons.Answered by RNB

Effect of good and poor family relationship?

Well, the effects of a good family relationship would be: Everyone getting along, no fighting, everyone having a happy life, everyone cares and loves for one another, and other stuff closley-related to that. The effects of a poor family relationship would be: fighting, yelling, divorcing, family members hating each other, fruequently sad, fruequently angry, deppression and other stuff closely-related to that. I hope you have a good effect of family relationship But if you don't, you will survive And maybe, if you have a poor effect, you can talk to your parent(s) about it.

Effect of good and poor family?

Good question.. The effects of good vs. bad/poor families have a broad range of affects on the individual. I'm an example of a bad family where my parents were always arguing, talking loud, physically abused me and my siblings in order to try to teach us their ways of acceptable discipline which did nothing but harm me and my siblings growth potential. However, I have learned from all of this and am a much more mature and responsible adult (age 27).. Here are the way that my poor family affected my life and personality: - I've had a dependency on needing to feel loved because I did not get the love and affection I needed from them especially when I was in my teenage years. I did not get the affection I needed from my mom to feel loved. Over the years I learned that this dependency is bad especially in relationships. I was in relationships that were not productive where I did not get the similar level of affection and love in return. Rather, I gave too much and the other person took me for granted. As as I aged, I matured and learned to value the love I have for someone is very special and should never be taken for granted. I deserved better. . -I made poor choices in education. My dad always stressed to me that I needed to make "A LOT" of money. I went to a University that was expensive and I ended up going only to please my parents making them believe that I am getting a good education so that they would stop bugging me so much about it everyday. I am still paying back the loans that I took out to go to school. One should never get an education just to impress a parent or friend/loved one. It should be for yourself; to have a better chance at getting a higher paying job and feel accomplished. In today's world though, and in my career field (Information Technology), experience counts more as this tells the employer that you know what you are doing rather than a degree saying you know this and that. Employers want evidence (past job history) that you are a good canidate. As of today, I'm finally at a company now where I have a bright future and I worked VERY HARD to get to where I am now. I learned to be ambitious and confident. Just because I didn't earn by bachelors didn't mean I couldn't get a good job. I never liked the school and stopped going to gain experience in the job market.. -I made poor choices in choosing friends. I had friends who were lower than me and who didn't appreciate me. Rather, they used me and I ended up being backstabbed many times. Finally I learned that a good friend is better than many friends. A good friend will be there during good and bad times in your life. My parents never talked with me about what a good friend is like because my dad who I needed during my difficult teenage times was not there. He was not approachable and always was out with friends. If he wasn't out, he would be sleeping at home. I needed a good friend (my dad) who would show me guidance. I now have very few trustworthy and respectable friends as I've learned to have the will power to say no to peer pressure and be able to choose a good friend from a bad one.. Now my parents are divorced since their inability to communicate and raise children the right way lead me and my siblings to be distant from them. They started to blame each other and thought that their parents way of raising a family will still work in today's world. It does not, for the most part. My parents didn't adapt to change when we moved here and this caused them to grow apart. My mom couldn't really get a job since she never learned the English language and my dad started to look for love in another womans arms who was a huge mess of her own. I guess similar people with similar messy lives attract each other. I live on my own now and hope to have my own family someday soon which will be how I wish my family was.. There is much more but I want to keep this short. Remember, just because you had a bad childhood and parents who had poor parenting skills doesn't mean that you will end up on the same path.. P.S. Forgot to log in :)

What are good and poor conductors of heat?

Material . Thermal conductivity W /( m · K ). Silica Aerogel . 0.004 - 0.04. Air 0.025 Wood 0.04 - 0.4 Hollow Fill Fibre Insulation Polartherm 0.042 Alcohols and oils 0.1 - 0.21 Polypropene 0.12 [1] Mineral oil 0.138 Rubber 0.16 LPG 0.23 - 0.26 Cement , Portland 0.29 Epoxy (silica-filled) 0.30 Epoxy (unfilled) 0.59 Water (liquid) 0.6 Thermal grease 0.7 - 3 Thermal epoxy 1 - 7 Glass 1.1 Soil 1.5 Concrete , stone 1.7 Ice 2 Sandstone 2.4 Stainless steel 12.11 ~ 45.0 Lead 35.3 Aluminium 237 (pure) 120-180 (alloys) Gold 318 Copper 401 Silver 429. Diamond . 900 - 2320

What is Good posture and Poor posture?

The criteria for good posture is a properly aligned spine and plum load bearing joints as applicable under under the following conditions: siting, laying, walking, standing and bending. While standing with the back properly aligned ("straight") the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles should be along the same plum line. This keeps the pressure along the spine uniform and prevents compressing of the disks between the vertebrae caused by either swaying or slouching of the back. It also keeps the load centered over the strongest load bearing joints of the body. Poor posture is having the spine out of alignment but does not necessarily mean your major load bearing joints are not plum. For instance if your lower backs sways your upper back and neck will typically hunch forward to compensate to keep your center of gravity normal and place the load over the main joints. However, this results in a compression of the lower and upper back disks between the vertebrae. To determine if you have good or poor posture you should compare your normal forward and sideways stance in front of a mirror to the ideal diagrams for good posture. Secondly, you should use a plum line to see if your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles are aligned directly over one another.

What are the consequences of poor human resource management?

1. Employees will frequently confront the organization. 2. Develop interests away from the job. 3. Allow skills to deteriorate. 4. Poor motivation. 5. Hire the wrong person for the job. 6. Experience high turnover. 7. People not doing their best. 8. Waste of time with useless interviews. 9. Have your company/organization taken to court because of discriminatory actions. 10. Have your company/organization cited by the labour department for unsafe practices.

Are metals good or poor conductors?

Metals are good thermal and electrical conductors; of course, the values of the parameters are very variable between different metals.

Was Nero a good leader or a poor leader?

Nero was neither good nor bad. He grossly misrepresented and slandered by Roman witters because they were aristocrats. He was hated by the aristocracy. As with other early emperors, there was tension between the emperor and the senate and the aristocracy. As with other early emperors, Nero reduced the powers of the senate. Nero's blemishes were egocentrism and exhibitionism (it was said that he craved for attention) eccentricity and profligacy. He loved poetry and the theatre and fancied himself as good singer and actor. He liked to sing to the lyre, recite poetry, acting and driving a chariot in public. As a hellenophile (a lover of the Greeks) he built gymnasia and theatres. He held lavish festivals and gladiatorial games. He wanted to build a canal at Corinth. The also built a massive palace which was like a mini town, the Domus Aurea (Golden House). Nero was hated by the rich, but popular with the poor who were very upset when he died and remained loyal to him. He favoured the poor. He imposed restrictions of the amount of fines and bail and on layer fees. When there were complaints that the poor were taxed too heavily he wanted to repeal indirect taxes. However, the senate pointed out that this would bankrupt the state and he cut then from 44.5% to 2.5% instead. He made tax records, which had been secret, public. He rejected a proposal by the senate to give masters the right to revoke the freedom of freedmen. There were allegations that Nero had set fire to Rome in the Great Fire of 64 AD. However, Tacitus, a historian who lived during this period and the only one who gave details of the fire, said that Nero was not in Rome when the fire started. He also said that Nero made great efforts to help the people affected by the fire, spent days searching for survivors without bodyguards, opened his palaces to host the homeless and bought food supplies with his money. He then made an urban plan with houses built on wider roads and faced by porticoes. The allegations of arson were made by writers who were not around at the time of the fire and who were patricians (aristocrats) and were hostile to Nero. They were keen on slandering him because the patricians hated Nero. On the other hand, the poor loved Nero and were very upset when he died. These writers alleged that Nero set fire to the city to make room to build a massive palace. However, fires in Rome were very common as it was an overcrowded city and timber was used to build houses, which were packed in alleys. There were other large fires in 69 and 80 AD.

Studies on how managers perceive poor performance by a subordinate find that?

managers are biased toward attributing the cause to external factors such as insufficient resources or lack of cooperation by others

Signs of poor coordination?

usually obese sometimes, scratch that, always eating. cant walk, cant talk, cant pee, doesnt know what 2 +2 is... bacically girl x0x0 :*

Is Polands air pollution good or poor?

it's terrible they still use coal and there are little restrictions of emmisons from cars..look up their weather and see the have about 80% non sunny days

Is the economy good or poor in Brazil why?

The economy in Brazil is half and half as they have lots of oversea debts but the rainforest is being felled in order to sell furniture, timber, paper, mining for gold, power stations and farming, in order to pay off their debts.

Is Greece's economy poor or good?

Thanks to our and german govermance, our economy is poor but just for that everyone hates us. No one else except us knows what we are going through with our economy right now and the media are keep showing fake things about hellas and blame us for the international economical situation. They' ll do everything they can do to destroy our economy, make us homeless and make you hate our counry more than every other nation on earth. Hope you' re satisfied with my answer. Friendly from Greece

What are the effect of poor housekeeping and good housekeeping?

Simply put poor housekeeping means a dirty house. A dirty house builds up bacteria, germs, and can lead respiration problems from poor indoor air quality and sickness from incubating germs and bacteria. Good housekeeping is keeping a house neat, tidy, and most importantly free of bacteria. If you are unsure what exactly a clean house entails, consider hiring a professional house cleaning service.

Is OG kush good weed?

OG Kush is very potent and has long-lasting psychoactive effects. Despite its name, this strain is not a "Kush" although it does posses some indica traits and is rumored to have some Kush in its genetic heritage. OG Kush is a sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid that is very popular throughout Southern California.

Did the poor Victorians have a good quality of life?

No, because they had too much stuff going on in their lives like getting really dirty, not having a nice home, and things like that.

Do Ionic compounds have poor or good conductivity?

Ionic Compounds have poor conductivity when it is solid. Ionic Compounds have great conductivity when it is either dissolved in water or is melted

What car is good for poor people?

A used Ford Focus is an inexpensive domestic vehicle that is reliable and fuel efficient. For instance a well maintained 2003 Ford Focus will sell for around $5 to $6,000 and has no major problem areas. It is a good little car that will serve you well. Do not buy one older than a 2003 as they did have some problem areas. The Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla are also excellent vehicles but have a much higher resale value.

Is water a poor condutor or a good condutor?

Pure water in a liquid phase is a very poor conductor of electricity, despite the reputation it has for conducting electricity. On the other hand, water that contains salts in solution can be a very good conductor but because of the free movement of the dissolved ions rather than the water itself. Water as ice or water vapor is non-conductive even as a solution with dissolved ions.

What you consider a good writer or poor writer?

A good writer is one who can hold the reader's attention and make them want to keep reading. A poor writer is one who can't.

Discuss how poor management decisions can impact software quality?

Poor management decisions can impact software quality because management is often in charge of selecting those in charge of buying the company's software.

Is shampoo a poor or good conductor of electricity?

it is a bad conductor of electricity. i checked it using the tester and the bulb did not glow.

Is air a good or poor conductor of electricity?

Very poor. It takes incredibly high voltage differences to cause a spark through air, which we call "lightning".

What are the good and the poor conductors of electricity?

Good conductors of electricity: silver, cooper, aluminum, gold Poor conductors of electricity: aluminum oxide, porcelain, rubber, wood

What steps do you take to manage poor performing staff?

There are no "steps" other than to identify the problem, and engage a solution. Poor performance is typically the result of poor training, poor supervision, or poor attitude. Let me start with attitude: Attitude is a direct reflection of environment. What that means is "Garbage in, garbage out." People generally reflect how they are treated. If they are treated poorly, they will perform poorly. Reflect on how you interact with your employees, and see what you can do to change that. Remember that they are people, not equipment. If you treat them with respect, they will go to war for you. Poor supervision: It is human nature to get over when you can. Keeping the point I made regarding attitude and how people are treated in mind, when you find that your employees are goofing off, usually it is enough to let them be aware of your presence. Some managers try to do this with cameras and video surveillance. Surveillance creates more problems than it prevents. It sets up resentment in your employees. It communicates a lack of trust. It is often interpreted as demeaning. If you must put up surveillance, never use it to needle your employees, and stress that it is there to support them. Of course if you blatantly point it at the cash register, what you say and what you do will be apparently at odds (besides, there are easier ways to prove someone is dipping the till). Plain and simple, work along side of them, do what they do, and show them that you are not afraid to get in the trenches. They will work harder for you, and you will appreciate them more. Poor training: Too many organizations believe they have a handle on training, but their training program typically consists of, "Here's the machine where you will work. Here is the button you will push. Keep stuff moving. See you at lunch." The thing is that there is a completely unique career path totally devoted to training people how to train others; it's called teacher education. Find an out of work or retired teacher, and consult him on how to train your staff and employees. The money you invest in bringing everyone up to speed will be the best investment you ever make.

Is freight out and freight in included in cost og goods sold calc?

ASC 330, Inventory, states shipping costs (read: freight out) do not contribute to bringing inventories to their present condition and location and as such should not be included in inventory costs. Because freight out is not considered a product cost, not only would you not capitalize freight out into inventory on the balance sheet, but you would also not record this cost as a COGS item, but rather a sales expense (SG&A). On the other hand, freight in is a purchase cost as it gets inventory to its current location (ie your warehouse), so that cost should be capitalized as inventory on your balance sheet which will later be recognized as a COGS item when you sell the related inventory.

Is concreate a good or poor conductor?

of heat, not great because it has air pockets. Of sound, pretty good because it is a solid. of electricity, it is an insulator. Be more specific.

Is chromium a good conductor or poor conductor?

All metals conduct electricity to some extent. Chromium isn't an especially good conductor, but it does conduct.. so we can say that it is a poor conductor.

Is capitalism good for the poor?

It isn't necessarily "bad" for the poor. However, generally speaking the lower classes prefer socialism over capitalism. Socialism, in essence, creates equality for all. Government programs ensure the poor have the same opportunities as the wealthy. In a capitalistic society, the wealthy generally become wealthier. Individuals work for what they earn, rather than letting the federal government give handouts.

How do poor people manage through college?

Poor people can manage through college with financial aid. I personally, benefited from grants, loans, hard work, and lots of perseverance, and I am making it through thanks to God even though I am below the poverty level.

Do chimpanzee's have poor eyesight or good eyesight?

Chimpanzee's are our closest common ansestor, they have bonocular vision as the eyes are at the front of the head rather than at the side. Humans have so-called trichromatic, or three-color, vision. So do chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans. Trichromats have three types of light sensitive cells in the retina, fine-tuned to wavelengths that appear blue, green and red. Their eyes are as good as ours.

What is the difference between effective time management and poor time management?

Effective time management means if you have been given a task you complete it right on time. Effective management includes several elements like 1. planning 2. Forecasting 3. Contingency plan 4. Execution on time On the other side, poor time management does not involves the above mentioned elements.

What are five signs of poor nutrition?

problems in the mouth area brittle and dry hair srong sudden fatigue diarrhea deformation of the nails

How does poor time management cause stress?

Poor time management causes stress because a person is left to do all of their work at the last moment. This would not be an issue if the work was spread out over an extended period of time.

Where can you sign up for project management classes?

You can sign up for Project management classes on DeVry, ITT Technical Institute, University of Phoenix and other corporate focused websites. You can also pick up some courses in local and state sponsored colleges.

How can you differentiate a good conductor from poor conductors?

Good conductors for electricity? Typically good conductors are metals, but any substance that has free-roaming electrons can make for good conductors, whereas substances with fixed, non-sharing electrons often make for poor conductors.