What are the signs of labor at 38 weeks pregnant?

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Hi! First Congratulations on making it this far. For each woman the signs of labor can be different. But no matter what stage in your pregnancy, there are some common signs to look for that can signal labor has started or is impending. However, none of these can say just when you will go into labor!

Bloody show/ Loss of mucus plug
Water breaking
Contractions that are stronger, last longer, and rhythmic
Sometimes loose stools or diarrhea
Small amount of weight loss (some women will lose 3-5 pounds of water weight)
Over all flu like symptoms
The 'nesting' instinct: sudden urge to clean with a burst of energy..
Baby engaging in the birth canal/increased pressure

As I mentioned before, it's different for every woman. Some have all of these symptoms and some don't have any at all. If you are concerned about going into labor or that you might be in labor call your local hospital and speak with Labor and Delivery or contact your OB/GYN, or midwife. They are the best judge on what you might be feeling and experiencing!

Good luck!
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