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A non-registered trademark is called 'common law trademark' in Canada and is typically implemented in order to show the intent to trademark. Unfortunately, common law trademarks are difficult to defend legally as no registration has been conducted, though they can be very important in the process of appealing an application for a trademark. It is possible for one to appeal a trademark process by arguing that they have been utilizing the name for a longer period of time and be successful. It is, however, true that the only way to protect a mark is to register it as a trademark.

The ™ and ® marks have no legal significance or meaning in Canada. Thus there are no repercussions to using these marks. Surprisingly neither the ™ nor the ® mark appears in official Canadian Trademark Law.
Unofficial meaning of the ™ mark has come to mean unregistered trademarks or in-process trademarks while the ® has come to mean registered trademark.
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What is the difference between a registered trademark and a trademark?

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What is trademark?

A trademark is a type of intellectual property, specifically a mark used in trade: a business or product name, logo, or slogan.

What do you trademark?

You can trademark a product or service. You can also use other types of "marks" for sounds or building design.

What is a trademark?

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A trademark is a mark used in trade, like a business name, logo, or slogan. Although established trademarks are protected without registration, a registered trademark has been

Can book titles be registered trademarks?

Yes, if they are likely to be used in trade separate from the book. There are many Harry Potter trademarks, for example.

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A trademark is a mark used in trade, such as a business or product name, logo, or slogan. Although trademarks are protected by common law, registration is available. A registe

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You may be able to register your internet domain name if your domain name functions as a source identifier. Consumers must perceive it as more than just a website address.

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Trademarks are territorial and must befiled in each country where protection is sought. Before TrademarkRegistration, you should search for potentially conflicting marksto mak