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The anatomy of a pig and a human are very similar. Both are placental mammal, which means the fetus receives nourishment from the mother through the umbilical cord. Both species are also omnivores. These two things lead to the digestive track and layers under the skin to be similar. Both have complex systems that allow nutrients and dissolved gases to enter and leave individual cells throughout the body. Basically the internal cavity of the pig is very similar to that of a human, it is only smaller. The heart is located at the same place, between the lungs, the liver and a gall bladder look almost like the humans, and the whole digestive system is extremely similar to humans' digestive system. Thought pigs and humans are similar there are still some differences. One of the major differences is the facial expression; the pigs have bigger ear, they also have a tail. Also pigs have different feet, position and number of toes on their feet
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