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What are the species of pandas?

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There's the Giant Panda and the Red Panda.
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Are panda bears and koalas in the same species?

No. Pandas and koalas are not even in the same order or family, let alone species. Koalas are marsupials, and not members of the bear family at all. The koala's family is Phas

Why is the panda an endangered species?

Pandas are dying out mainly because of one main reason: habitat loss. Their main source of food is bamboo, which takes a long time to grow. This problem wasn't present when pa

How have people affected the species of a red panda?

Us humans affect them by not only hunting them but we are cutting down the rainforests they use as a habitat. Also we are cutting down and using their main food source bamboo

What type of species of bamboo do pandas eat?

Answer   There are several types of Bamboo that Pandas eat. The main type of Bamboo they eat is called the 'Grass Bamboo.'   It is mainly found on the trees in the thi