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What does a cassandra utterance mean?

A 'cassandra utterance' is a warning that is not taken seriously. Cassandra was the daughter of King Priam of Troy who was given the ability to foresee the future by the God Apollo but cursed that her predictions would never be believed. She tried to worn the Trojans about the wooden horse.

What is the Cassandra Effect?

The Cassandra effect is when one believes they know the futurehappening of a catastrophic event, having already seen it in someway, or even experienced it first hand. However the person knowsthere is nothing that can be done to stop the event from happening,and that nobody will believe them if they (MORE)

When did Cassandra die?

she will never die because she is the inpossible and shes 16 and pretty sexy. she will never die because she is the inpossible and shes 16 and pretty sexy

Does Cassandra and Hercules get together?

I didn't find much on Cassandra because she was more of a secondary character, but here is what I found. Cassandra (Sandra Bernhard) - The Trojan War prophet appears as an anti-social girl, that has visions of the future (usually bad) once in a while. Icarus is completely obsessed with marrying h (MORE)

How did Cassandra die?

The movie "Troy" removed the role of Cassandra, one of the children of Priam and Hecuba of Troy. Cassandra had been gifted with prophecy, but cursed with the inability to make others believe her prophecies. Agamemnon took her as a war prize and concubine, and returned with her to Greece to his wife (MORE)

What is the Origin of cassandra utterance?

Cassandra was the daughter of some king in Troy. Everyone believed she was cursed.. She stated that the Trojan horse looks "big enough to hide an army in". people did not take her seriously

What does it mean to be a cassandra?

Cassandra was a princess of Troy who foretold its destruction. Apollo had granted her the power to see the future, but she was ungrateful so he gave her the curse that her prophecies would never be believed.

When did the Greek myth Cassandra die?

Cassandra was a seer (whom no one ever believed) and the daughter of Priam, King of Troy. She was taken by Agamemnon, leader of the Greeks, to be his mistress, but she was anxious the whole journey because she foresaw her own death. When she and Agamemnon went into his home, his wife Clytemnestra ki (MORE)

Do you have cassandra effect?

Yes, I have the Cassandra effect. What do you wish to know? Not that you will listen to my answer of course, because that is the effect.

The lyrics to 'Cassandra' by 'The Galvatrons'?

\nOh Cassandra\nI sit and listen to the radio (oh oh)\nI think about the time I stood you up\nI didn't know that you were going home\nShe's going to leave tonight\n. \nOh Cassandra\nI left you crying at the stadium (woah no)\nAnd now she's flying back to Tokyo\nShe won't be screaming in the crowd a (MORE)

What is Cassandra Golds address?

You can write to her care of her Australian publisher at this address: Cassandra Golds c/- Penguin Group Australia Level 2, 241 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills, NSW, AUSTRALIA 2010 Or you can email her directly at: cassandragolds@yahoo.com

How do you meet cassandra in mysims?

Usually you can see a spook (Violet, Ray, sir Vincent, Goth Boy) doing a scence. Your sim can join. If a scence has been done she will come around day and night. You can also interact with her too!

Who was cassandra of the Trojan war related to?

Cassandra is a princess of Troy. By most accounts she is the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba. She is the twin of Helenus and cursed by Apollo. She is also sister to Hector and Paris.

Is Cassandra a myth?

Yes, it's an Ancient Greek myth about a high priestess who had offended the gods and was condemned to foretell the truth without EVER being believed by her fellow citizens. Her prophecies always fell on deaf ears.

What are the books by cassandra clare?

Mortal Instruments Tilogy: City of Bones City of Ashes City of Glass Mortal Intruments Trilogy 2: City of Falen Angels City of Lost Souls (May 8th) City of Heavenly Fire (unknown) The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel Clockwork Prince Clockwork Princess (Unknown) R u a cassandra clare freak? email m (MORE)

What does it mean if you call someone Cassandra?

In Greek mythology, Cassandra was a beautiful princess. Apollo was enamoured with her and granted her the gift of prophecy. Later, when she spurned him, he placed a curse on her so that no one would believe her predictions. People presented with her predictions regarded her as insane until it was (MORE)

What does Cassandra mean in Spanish?

It's more common:. CASANDRA (hermana de los hombres, la bondadosa) de kasis, "hermana", y andrós, genitivo que significa "hombre". Literalmente "hermana de los hombres" . Men's sister; kind woman .

How old is Cassandra Austen?

Cassandra Austen was born on January 9, 1773 and died on March 22, 1845. This would have been 72 years old at the time of death or 237 years old today.

What is cassandra known for?

Cassandra was the god Apollo's love. Apollo gave her the gift of prophecy to prove his love. But when she rejected him, Apollo cursed her so that no one would believe what she said. She foretold the fall of Troy and warned about the dangers of the Trojan Horse. But nobody believed her. Later she war (MORE)

Where did cassandra get her gift of prophecy?

There are two versions. One is that Apollo gave her the power because of her beauty. The other version is that Cassandra spent a night in Apollo's temple and snakes licked her ears clean which gave her the power of prophecy.

What was Cassandra Austen's occupation?

Cassandra Austen, as most ladies who were unmarried at that time, had no occupation. In those days, unless they were independently wealthy, daughters of gentlemen married, became governesses, were dependent on relatives, or, rarely, as in the case of Jane Austen herself, found some other means of su (MORE)

Who is cassandra on your Sims?

Cassandra is the child of the Goth Family, who when you have installed The Sims and are playing it for your first time, are a pre-made family who live in a pre-furnished home.

Why does cassandra kiss the doctor?

Because she hadn't had a real body in ages (a long time) and wanted to experience a kiss, plus thought the Doctor was hot even though she didn't particularly like him, and its very possible that she could also feel Rose's own feelings toward the Doctor and that helped her to act on it.

How do you find cassandra on my sims wii?

I usually just find her near the logs or benches at night... sometimes I can't find her when I need her... But just keep looking around then and you'll be sure to find her! :)

Was there a goddess named Cassandra?

According to Greek myth, Cassandra was a mortal. She was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. The god Apollo fell in love with her and granted her the gift of prophecy. When she did not return his love, since he could not take back the gift, he placed a curse on her so that no one (MORE)

Who is cassandra demi sanchez?

Cassandra Demi Sanchez is the youngest daughter of the Greek Royal family. She has starred in the two Twilight movies and used to sing lead vocals for Paramore before she decided to go on a solo career. She has starred on the hit television show Pretty Little Liars a number of times. Her current loc (MORE)

Where did greek goddess cassandra live?

Cassandra was not a Greek goddess, she was, however, she did have the gift of prophecy given to her by Apollo. She fell out of love with Apollo and in love with someone else, so Apollo gave her the curse of any word that left her lips everyone would think it was a lie. she live in Troy because she w (MORE)

What is the story of cassandra and Apollo?

Apolo fell in love with her and gave her the gift of prophocy. But Cassandra didnt like him. so Apolo cursed cassandra so no one would believe a word she said. D.J.Simmons

Did cassandra love Apollo in return?

No; she used his love for her. Cassandra was loved by Apollo. She tricked Apollo into granting her the gift of prophecy - but refused to lie with him, and was cursed by the god for her prophecy to not be believed.

What is all of cassandra clake's books?

I think you mean Cassandra Clare Mortal Instruments Trilogy 1: City of Bones City of Ashes Cityof Glass Mortal Instruments Trilogy 2: City of Fallen Angels City of Lost Souls (May 8th) City of Heavenly Fire (unknown) The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel Clockwork Prince Clockwork Princess (Unknown) (MORE)

What does cassandra stand for in french?

Cassandra (spelled Cassandre in French) is a first name and may be used (although this is literary) as a common noun to designate someone who is lamenting in advance the future bad events.

How do you say Cassandra in Spanish and what does Cassandra mean?

Cassandra was a Trojan, daughter of King Priam and blessed by the god Apollo with the gift of prophecy, but with the curse of never being believed. Captured by the Greeks after the the fall of Troy, she was taken back to Greece as a trophy by, I think, Agamemnon, and prophesied that he would die an (MORE)

Who was Cassandra of troy?

In Greek mythology, Cassandra \nwas the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. Her beauty \ncaused Apollo, God of Knowledge, to grant her the gift of prophecy. \nHowever, when she did not return his love, Apollo placed a curse on her \nso that no one would ever believe her predictions. I (MORE)

What is African cassandra?

African Cassandra is a red and yellow meat dish filled with veggies such as: Turnips, Squash and Gourds

What does the name Cassandra mean in french?

In Greek mythology Cassandra was a princess of Troy blessed with the ability to foretell the future, but at the same time cursed in that no one believed her. She was not able to save Troy even though she tried to warn the Trojans about what would happen.