What are the symptoms for causing the pain in upper abdomen?

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There are many resons for causing upper abdominal pain but the main reason for pain is due to gas or indigestion. However if there is cause of severe pain in upper abdomen then it may attribute due to different related problems like kidney, body wall, heart or liver. so it is better to consult specialist for proper treatment.
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Are sharp abdomen pains a symptom of pregnancy?

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What would cause you pain in the upper left quadrant of your abdomen?

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What could cause burning pain in my upper abdomen?

Probably due to drinking so much last night. ANSWER It depends on what side of the abdomen. The right side has a kidney and appendix. The left side has another kidney and

Could mild gastritis cause severe pain in the upper abdomen?

Due to the amount of nerve endings in the stomach and the surface area that it can cover it is possible for mild gastritis to be very painful. The pain should be felt in the u

What are the symptoms and causes for pain in abdomen?

First of all how old is your son, and the abdominal pain you are talking about may occur due to many reasons. It may be indigestion, constipation, gas, ulcers or lactose intol