What are the symptoms or side effects of AIDS?

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Strictly speaking, AIDS is not an illness and therefore does not have specific side effects / symptoms - it is a syndrome (a collection of symptoms / illnesses) caused by severe, or late stage, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection.
The range of symptoms experienced by a person who is diagnosed with AIDS can vary from none at all (they simply have a weakened immune system that leaves them vulnerable to a host of opportunistic infections) to depression and any of the symptoms associated with the more than twenty AIDS-defining illnesses. See "What is AIDS?" for a full list of AIDS-defining illnesses.
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Are there symptoms of AIDS?

The symptoms of AIDS are: . CD4 count of less than 200 . High viral load count . Appearance of opportunistic infections such as thrush, PCP, Kaposi's sarcoma.

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What are the symptoms of AIDS?

One symptom that is pronounced at the latest stage of AIDS is that the patient will experience tremendous loss of weight. They will become so thin that their skin covers their

If you don't go to the doctor for aids what are the side effects?

\nAIDS is a disease that you can not live through without going to a doctor. You will not make it to AIDS without a doctor! Meaning, there is a start a long way before a hum

What are the side effects of AIDS?

AIDS (a disease characterized by a white blood cell or leukocyte count lower than 200) results in a myriad of infections including sepsis, thrush, urinary tract infections, an

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