What are the techniques for generating creative ideas?

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There are no actual techniques -- creativity isn't something you can follow directions to learn.
Here are some ways to improve your creativity!
  • Brainstorm -- pick any idea or topic and set a timer for 15 minutes or so. Write down every idea that comes into your mind during that time -- this includes ideas like "this is silly" and "I'm bored!" Don't try to decide which ideas are good or bad -- just get the ideas out and onto the paper!
  • Think outside the box -- pick any typical object, like a paper clip. Write down as many uses as you can think of for this object. A paper clip can be used to start a fire if you use the metal to connect both poles of a small battery! It can poke the tiny "reset" switch on many electronic devices. Keep going!
  • Do something different. Studies have actually shown that your thinking improves the more you do things that require you to think -- in other words, you can exercise your brain just like you exercise your muscles! Even if you just go home by a different route instead of the same old pathway, it makes your brain have to think about what you're doing, which is exercise.
  • Observe. The more you pay attention to the world around you, the more ideas your brain comes up with. Good writers are good observers.
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