What are the three main divisions of ancient Egyptian history?

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The easy answer would be to say the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom. However, these periods were separated by many intermediate periods.
  • Predynastic Egypt up to c 3100 BC
  • Early Dynastic c 3100 BC to c 2686 BC
  • Old Kingdom 2686 BC- c 2100BC
  • First Intermediate Period c 2181 BC- c 2055BC
  • Middle Kingdom c 2080 BC- c 1640 BC
  • Second Intermediate Period c 1640 BC- c1550BC
  • New Kingdom c 1550 BC- c1069 BC
  • Third Intermediate Period c 1070 BC- 664 BC
  • Late Period 664 BC- 323 BC
  • Greek-Roman Period 323 BC- 395 AD
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