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What are the top gold consumption countries?

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India is the top gold consuming nation, which is soon to be over taken by China.
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What were the top ten countries in gold medals in the 2004 Olympics?

  The top gold medal winning countries in the 2004 Olympics:   1) United States - 36 2) China - 32 3) Russia - 27 4) Australia - 17 5) Japan - 16 6) Germany -

What are the top ten gold producing countries?

There are many gold producing countries in the world. Some of the  major countries include China, Australia, the United States,  Russia, Peru, South Africa, Canada, MExico,

What are the top 5 gold producing countries?

The countries that produce the most gold are (with gold production in brackets) are South Africa (272 128 kg), China (247 200 kg), Australia (247 000 kg), the United States (2

Which are the top 5 gold producing countries?

In 2007   China, South Africa, India, the U.S., and Russia.   South African was the largest producer for about 100 years until 2007, producing just 7 tons less than Chin

In international rankings is the US among the top five countries in per capita consumption?

India USA UK France Paris   * * * * *    That is simply not true - apart from the fact that Paris is not  even a country!    There are several different mea