What are the traditional foods of Sudan?

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Khoodra Mafrooka is a traditional dish in Sudan. It is a meat dish in spinach sauce.
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What sort of foods are there in Sudan?

Sudanese cuisine has been changing and evolving gradually, but most of the dishes remain simple and natural. The most common aliments are Wheat , Beef and sheep meat, toma

What type food do Sudan eat?

The eat all types of traditional foods like kop and wal wal which are made from the same type of plant but with different techniques. They also eat fruits and livestock is ver

What are Sudan foods?

Khudra, Bamya, Aseeda, meats, beef, sheep, chicken,

What is the food like in the Sudan?

Food in Sudan is usually stews and bread. The stew can include various meats including beef and goat and vegetables like onions, okra, potatoes, and eggplant. See related link

How do people in Sudan get food?

Sudan is just like America they just buy it! Sudan is a beautiful country. Everything they show on TV are lies! Starvation is not all over just in very small spots. Sudan is n