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What are the traditional foods of Sudan?

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Khoodra Mafrooka is a traditional dish in Sudan. It is a meat dish in spinach sauce.
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What sort of foods are there in Sudan?

Sudanese cuisine has been changing and evolving gradually, but most of the dishes remain simple and natural. The most common aliments are Wheat, Beef and sheep meat, tomatoes,

Where is Sudan?

Sudan is in Northern Africa to the South of Egypt, West of Ethiopia, East of Chad, and Northeast of Uganda and Northwest of Kenya    Sudan is located on the northern part

What are some traditionals foods of Chile?

Answer   When I lived in Chile, I ate empanadas pretty regularly. I like them with cheese inside, but they come with a lot of different things inside. I still make them h

What are traditional Norwegian foods?

Gravadlax is a traditional Norwegian food. It is thinly sliced salmon which is cured in Aquavit which is a potato liquer.

What are some traditional Jewish foods?

latkes, cholent , challah, kugelach, hummus, schug, falafel, halva, shakshuka, jachnun, channa, dal, shishlik, caponata, creamed Baccala, fried a

What kind of food do people in Sudan eat?

Fresh fruit and vegetables grow abundently on the Northern plains of Sudan and southern Sudan . the South is more prone to drought but freshly grown produce still account for

What are Sudan foods?

Khudra, Bamya, Aseeda, meats, beef, sheep, chicken,

What is the Sudan?

Sudan is a country in North East Africa. It is the largest country by area on the African continent, although large parts of it are uninhabitable. It is also very cultral and