What are the two types of fertilizers?

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its organic and inorganic
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What are the types of fertilizers?

Three basic fertilizer types are organic fertilizer, slow release fertilizer, and soluble synthetic fertilizer. As a slow-acting fertilizer, organic fertilizer comes from plan

What Two advantages of external fertilization?

1) Organisms that reproduce externally produce a lot more offspringcompared to internal fertilization, for example frogs reproduceexternally and the female releases up to thou

What type of fertilizer?

Solid and liquid ,NPK or micro elements,cold weather or warm weather ,single elements or combinations,pH levels, certified for organic use and many more.

What are two disadvantages of using fertilizers?

Lush growth of body parts at the expense of flowers and fruits may be one disadvantageous consequence of using fertilizers. Unavailability of other necessary nutrients may