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What are the types of investment strategies?

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There are 3 main types of investment strategies however these could also be broken down into several subcategories too.
Growth Investment Strategy
Stocks that look like they will grow in the future are targeted. Fairly risky as newer companies are more likely to not succeed.

Income Investment Strategy
A more conservative strategy. Focusing on bringing in large income from bigger companies.

Value Investment Strategy
Targeting stocks which will come at a cheaper price as they have been undervalued. These stocks often get overlooked, but good investors can capitalise on this.
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What are types of investment?

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What are the types of investment?

There are so many different types of investment. The most common  ones include property investment, stock investment, trade  investments and so much more.

What is a good investment strategy when a recession is coming -?

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What are the different types of international investment strategies?

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What is an investment strategy designed to do?

An investment strategy is designed to guide investors towards making selections of investment portfolios. These strategies are often used as a technique when investing.
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What are some principles of investing strategy?

According to Investopedia there are three good principles to consider when investing. Firstly one should always have a margin of safety, secondly one should except volatility