What are the types of thermometers?

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Alcohol thermometer
Beckmann differential thermometer
Bi-metal mechanical thermometer
Electrical resistance thermometer
Galileo thermometer
Infrared thermometer
Liquid Crystal Thermometer
Medical thermometer (e.g. oral thermometer, rectal thermometer, basal thermometer)
Mercury-in-glass thermometer
Reversing thermometer
Silicon bandgap temperature sensor
Six's thermometer- also known as a Maximum minimum thermometer
Coulomb blockade thermometer
Digital thermometer
Oven cord thermometer
Oven thermometer
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Different types of thermometers?

Celsius and Fahrenheit Thermometers Clinical Thermometers Ear (Tympanic) thermometers Pacifier Thermometers Underarm or Oral Thermometers Food Thermometers Outdoor Therm

Is thermometer a type of manometer?

Not quite; This is what the first source said about how a thermometer works; This liquid is sometimes colored alcohol but can also be a metallic liquid called mercury. Both

Which type of energy does a thermometer measure?

A thermometer measures thermal energy (heat energy) by measuring temperature in celsius, kelvin, or Fahrenheit degrees. Note that temperature can be used as an indicator o

What are the 3 types of thermometer?

The three types of thermometer are oral, rectal and tympanic. The most reliable is the rectal thermometer.

What type of radiation can be detected by thermometers?

The thermometer does not detect radiation. It is a device used to measure temperature, which is a measure of the thermal energy in a specific area or place. Thermal energy (he

What do different types of thermometers do?

They measure temperatures in a different way. Also they may be more or less accurate, to allow for smaller or larger temperature reaches, and they may be made specially for us

What type of thermometer is inserted into food?

Almost all of the food thermometers available today are supposed to be inserted into the food. Food thermometers are classified into two groups which are the digital food ther

What type of thermodynamic system is a thermometer?

A thermometer is a closed system because no mass enters or exitsthe thermometer, but energy can cross the system boundaries. Ifmass crosses the boundaries the system is "open"