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What are the types of thermometers?

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Alcohol thermometer
Beckmann differential thermometer
Bi-metal mechanical thermometer
Electrical resistance thermometer
Galileo thermometer
Infrared thermometer
Liquid Crystal Thermometer
Medical thermometer (e.g. oral thermometer, rectal thermometer, basal thermometer)
Mercury-in-glass thermometer
Reversing thermometer
Silicon bandgap temperature sensor
Six's thermometer- also known as a Maximum minimum thermometer
Coulomb blockade thermometer
Digital thermometer
Oven cord thermometer
Oven thermometer
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What is thermometer?

A thermometer is an instrument used to measure temperate. They can be used for outdoor purposes or to see if someone is running a fever. They are found virtually anywhere wher (MORE)

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What is a thermometer?

Thermometers are devices that measure temperature. The Italian scientist Galileo invented the first air thermometer around 1600 and it has, and will continue to be, improved (MORE)

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What type of thermometer uses expansion and contraction of solid?

Bi-metal control thermometers. They are made from two strips of different metals joined together. When the strip is heated, one metal expands more than the other type, causing (MORE)

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What type of thermometer is used by a scientist?

Science measurements use the metric system and the Celsius temperature scale is used for most measurements. The Kelvin scale is also used for measurements approaching absolute (MORE)

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What are the two types of thermometers?

Alcohol thermometerBeckmann differential thermometerBi-metal mechanical thermometerCoulomb blockade thermometerHeat meter | Liquid crystal thermometerPhosphor thermometryPyrom (MORE)

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What do different types of thermometers do?

They measure temperatures in a different way. Also they may be more or less accurate, to allow for smaller or larger temperature reaches, and they may be made specially for us (MORE)

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Where can you get a thermometer?

You can get a thermometer at dollar stores, grocery stores have fridge or freezer thermometers, one as a gift, or at stores such as the Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar Gene (MORE)

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Is thermometer a type of manometer?

  Not quite; This is what the first source said about how a thermometer works; This liquid is sometimes colored alcohol but can also be a metallic liquid called mercury. (MORE)